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The First Step Towards Certification

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a first step.” — Lao Tzu

Ganjier First Step Seeds

For those interested in exploring the Ganjier experience but who aren’t quite prepared, either financially or time wise, to commit to the Full Certification Pathway, we present the Ganjier “First Step”. 

“First Step” provides a solution that takes a multi-stage approach to becoming a Certified Ganjier, granting full access to the online portion of the Ganjier Training while simultaneously providing several key benefits.

Ganjier First Step Seeds
Mobile and desktop app

What’s Included In The Ganjier First Step

  1. Full access to the Ganjier Certified level Online Training
  2. Full access to the Ganjier’s signature Systematic Assessment Protocol App™ (known as The SAP App) for accurately assessing the true quality of cannabis flower and concentrates
  3. Just $699! 
Mobile and desktop app

Full Access to the Ganjier Certified Level Online Training

Led by preeminent experts in the cannabis field, this rigorous and advanced training consists of 10 online courses, 31 lessons, and features all 18 members of the Ganjier Council, designed to help you become a true master of cannabis quality, service, and connoisseurship.

Check out the course preview videos below:

Course #1: The History of Cannabis & Cannabis Consumption


  • In Search of the Origins of Hash with Frenchy Cannoli
  • Spiritual, Mythological, & Historically Practical Uses with Swami Chaitanya
  • Prohibition to Present with Dr. Amanda Reiman

Course #2: The Botany of the Cannabis Plant


  • Foundational Cannabis Botany with Mel Frank
  • Exploring Trichomes with Frenchy Cannoli

Course #3: Understanding the Science of Cannabis


  • The Endocannabinoid System and Beyond with Dr. Jeffrey Raber
  • Mythbusting Cannabis with Dr. Amanda Reiman
  • Interpreting the CoA & Decoding Terpenes with Josh Wurzer

Course #4: The Art & Science of Cannabis Cultivation


  • The Splendor of Sungrown with Swami Chaitanya
  • Achieving Quality in Mixed Light & Indoor with Kevin Jodrey  
  • Terroir & Appellations of Origin with Genine Coleman

Course #5: Cannabis Processing Methodology


  • Processing Quality Cannabis with Patrick King
  • Understanding Solvent Based Extracts with Dr. Jeff Raber
  • Defining Solventless Concentrates with Nikka T

Course #6: Unraveling the Mysteries of Cannabis Genetics


  • The Past, Present, & Future of Breeding with Kevin Jodrey
  • Chemotaxonomy – An Olfactory Odyssey with Alec Dixon
  • Deciphering the Role of Terroir with Justin Calvino

Course #7: Accurately Assessing Cannabis Flower & Concentrates - Introduction to the Systematic Assessment Protocol™


  • Developing a Cannabis Palate: The Science of Taste & the Lexicon of Flavor with Madame Cannoli
  • Accurately Assessing Cannabis Flowers with Swami Chaitanya
  • Accurately Assessing Traditional Hashish with Frenchy Cannoli
  • Accurately Assessing Cannabis Concentrates with Nikka T

Course #8: Contemporary Cannabis Consumption Options


  • Savoring Solventless: Then & Now with Nikka T 
  • Topicals, Tinctures, Edibles & More with Wendy Kornberg
  • Traditional & Modern Methods of Enjoying Hashish with Frenchy Cannoli

Course #9: Artfully Executed Cannabis Service


  • Active Listening with Omar Figueroa
  • Maintaining Legal Compliance with Omar Figueroa
  • Introduction to The Consumer Interaction Protocol™ with Dr. Amanda Reiman
  • The Foundations of Etiquette with Nikki Lastreto

Course #10: The Business of Successful Cannabis Sales


  • Curating a Successful Menu with Aaron Varney
  • Managing Inventory with Aaron Varney
  • Sales and Service with Aaron Varney

Download The Certified Ganjier Online Syllabus


Full Access to the SAP App:

The Most Thorough & Accurate Cannabis Quality Assessment Method Ever Developed for Cannabis Flower and Concentrates

Swami Chaitanya and mobile

As a First Step student, you’ll receive one year of access to our innovative, proprietary Systematic Assessment Protocol™ App (The SAP). The cornerstone of the Ganjier certification training, The SAP App is a revolutionary new tool for your phone or laptop, providing the Ganjier with the most thorough and accurate cannabis quality assessment method ever developed for cannabis flower and concentrates.

Rigorously tested by the cannabis industry’s most qualified experts, including Emerald Cup judges, scientists, legacy cultivators, concentrate formulators, and more, the SAP was honed and refined by legendary industry leaders who collaborated to develop The Systematic Assessment Protocol into a genuine state-of-the-art tool that will provide enormous value to the cannabis profession.


Priority Enrollment Access to the 2-Day Live Training & Certification Exams When New Spots Become Available

Only Full Certification Pathway students and students who are registered in the Online Curriculum are eligible to enroll for our acclaimed 2-day, expert led, in-person Live Training sessions in the world famed Emerald Triangle.

Imagine working alongside some of your favorite cannabis icons, sampling premium cannabis, asking questions and getting first-hand instruction straight from the experts.

These spots are only available on a first-come, first served basis and are only available to Full Certification Pathway and Online Curriculum students.  Lock in your access now.

Earlier this year, we opened up spots for people to enroll in the Full Certification Pathway and we sold out all of the 2021 calendar year spots within weeks.

When you enroll in the Ganjier First Step, you are guaranteed to be first in line to register for the next open spots once they become available. Our intention is that this opportunity will become available sometime in Q4 2021, for 2022 spots.

If you’d like to be first in line, this is your opportunity to lock that in.


Limited Enrollment

The overwhelming demand for our Full Certified Ganjier Pathway was both humbling and exciting. In order to expand enrollment while maintaining our optimal student/instructor ratios, we are only accepting a limited number of students into the Ganjier First Step Program. If you would like to be one of them, we highly suggest you join the interest list to be notified first when enrollment reopens later this year.

What Ganjier Students Are Saying


  • Full access to the Certified level Online Training Materials (1 year)
  • Full access to The SAP App for your phone and desktop (1 year)
  • Enrollment is expected to reopen in October, 2021

The tuition is only $699!

I understand and consent to the Ganjier terms, conditions, and code of ethics.
If you’re ready to join the select few who’ve taken the bold step toward elevating the art, science and enjoyment of cannabis consumption, connoisseurship and service, an exciting new path awaits.


Not yet. There are “3 steps” to becoming a certified Ganjier: 1) Complete the Online Curriculum, 2) Attend the 2-Day Live Training, and 3) Pass the in-person exams on Knowledge, Service, and Assessment. The Online Curriculum satisfies the initial stage requirement for Ganjier certification, and includes one-year access to the SAP App.

One Step at a Time includes the following steps to become a Certified Ganjier:

  • Step 1 – Certified Ganjier Online Training Materials + The SAP® app: $699
  • Steps 2 & 3 – Live Training & Exams  (2-day live training in Humboldt California + all 3 certification exams): $2,697

Yes.  Once you’ve begun the Online Curriculum you are eligible to enroll in the Live Training at your convenience.  Please visit the Live Training and Exams page for more information, including dates of availability.  

Everyone is welcome to enroll and begin their journey towards becoming a Ganjier.  We have students from all over the globe who have enrolled and attended our live training sessions in Humboldt County, California.

However, to become a Certified Ganjier requires a keen sense of smell and taste.  If you have known issues or problems with your sense of smell and / or taste, this may impact your ability to pass the Assessment exam.  Having the ability to be trained to accurately assess the qualitative and desirable aspects of cannabis is a critical component of becoming a Certified Ganjier.  If you are unable to pass any of the three exams, including the Assessment exam, you will NOT be awarded certification.

Still have more questions?