The Ganjier

Live Training

The Ganjier Highlands Wilderness Campus

Imagine a stunning, secluded, natural setting where you can immerse yourself in the study of cannabis, unencumbered by the restrictions or distractions of the outside world. This is truly learning without limits.

The Campus

Nestled in the heart of California’s legendary Emerald Triangle, amidst the towering forests of Humboldt County on 243 pristine acres, the Ganjier Campus is bounded by verdant woodland, redwood groves, and the storied Salmon Creek.

 The region is also renowned for its prevalence of multi-generational legacy farms and revered craft cultivators whose proximity to the campus gives us a bounty of options to provide students with unparalleled hands-on instruction, tours and insight into the minds and gardens of local regenerative cannabis growers.

The Classroom

Our spacious 1420 square-foot Ganjier Cannabis Classroom is the hub of activity on campus. Featuring a lounge area (including the actual interview chairs from the popular “High Rollers” series), a breathtaking scenic consumption patio, and state-of-the-art cannabis appearance, aroma and consumption assessment stations, it provides the perfect environment for in-depth cannabis analysis and instruction.

Stay Overnight in One of Our Cabins

Roll out of bed, roll one up and roll off to class. Situated between the Cannabis Dojo and our “Ganjier Grove” graduation site, the Ganjier Campus hosts six modern cabins. Each cabin is fully insulated (keeping them cool in the day and warm at night), features a small loft, skylight, ceiling fan, power outlet and is outfitted with a super comfortable queen-sized bed.

The cost is $200/night and includes:

  • Continental breakfast
  • Privately catered dinner
  • Community Lounge
  • Exclusive access to Salmon Creek
  • Access to trails 
  • Increased opportunity for post-event socializing with the Ganjier instructors & students

Especially popular with students studying (and gathering to review Systematic Assessment Protocols) for final exams, the day we made these accommodations available, a whole new meaning to the phrase “Cabin Fever” was born, garnering rave reviews across the board.

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