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  • Instant access to the Ganjier online curriculum featuring all 18 members of the Ganjier Council 
  • 2-day in-person training led by Ganjier Council instructors in the magic of Humboldt, including organic lunches, and a private cannabis farm tour.
  • Instant access to the SAP app
  • 3-part in-person Certification exam at the Ganjier Campus in Humboldt
  • Access to the private online Ganjier community
  • Signature Ganjier loupe
  • Digital badge and official Certification upon successful completion
  • Listing in the Ganjier directory
  • Opportunity to be profiled as a Certified Ganjier
  • The cannabis education journey of a lifetime

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Cannabis Products & Connoisseurship Training

100% Online | Earn An Industry Respected Credential  

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10-Hours To Complete

Get A Respected Industry Credential

In The Rapidly Evolving World Of Cannabis

Newcomers and seasoned enthusiasts alike face the challenge of navigating an ever-expanding array of cannabis products and delivery methods, including flower, pre-rolls, concentrates, vape pens, edibles, drinks, and more. Unfortunately, most people can’t accurately convey how these products are made, what constitutes quality, or how each product type will uniquely affect you. This lack of knowledge can mislead customers, undermine trust, and compromise your growth in the industry.
The Ganjier Product Specialist is a cannabis products and connoisseurship training program designed to provide advanced knowledge of every cannabis product on the market today, a proven framework for how to assess the quality of those products, and a detailed understanding of how to properly consume those products for maximum effectiveness and enjoyment. This is also your first step towards becoming a Certified Ganjier, an official cannabis sommelier.

Learning Outcomes

Comprehensive Product Knowledge:

Acquire a thorough understanding of each cannabis product type including flower, pre-rolls, concentrates, edibles, tinctures, beverages, topicals, and more, with emphasis on differentiating these products by composition, usage, and consumer demand.

Quality Assessment Skills:

Develop the skills necessary to critically assess the quality of cannabis products using objective assessment criteria.

Quality Preservation Techniques:

Learn best practices for maintaining the quality and integrity of cannabis products from storage to sale, ensuring optimal value delivery to consumers.

Optimized Consumption Strategies:

Understand each method of cannabis consumption, as well as tips and tricks to maximize the benefits and enjoyment.

Who This Is For

Whether you’re already working in the industry now, or you’re a cannabis enthusiast aiming to transform your passion into a thriving career, this journey is for you.

Cannabis Retail & Hospitality Professionals

  • Boost sales by becoming a cannabis product expert
  • Source and buy cannabis products more effectively
  • Increase customer loyalty by guiding customers to their perfect products
  • Learn best practices for preserving product quality and integrity
  • Elevate your position as a trusted cannabis guide

Cannabis Brands, Reps,
    and Distributors

  • Deepen your product knowledge across various cannabis categories
  • Tailor sales pitches to highlight distinct product qualities and benefits
  • Enhance brand reputation by ensuring product quality and consistency
  • Learn to differentiate your products in a competitive market

Cannabis Enthusiasts
    and Job-Seekers:

  • Land a new cannabis job with an industry-respected credential
  • Discover new consumption methods and tools to enhance your cannabis experience
  • Learn how to assess quality like a pro, ensuring you only choose the best products
  • Become the go-to cannabis expert among your friends and community

Download The Full Curriculum

Take A Deep Dive Into Cannabis Products, Quality, and Connoisseurship.

Get Exclusive Access To The Personal Assessment Log™ App

The GPS curriculum will equip you with the basics of a sensory based assessment, while the PAL app will allow you to hone your assessment skills and empower you to communicate the results of your assessment with clarity and confidence. As a condensed version of our proprietary Systematic Assessment Protocol®, the PAL app is tailored to guide you through an interactive journey of discovery by employing your senses to identify and quantify the desirability of any inhalable cannabis product from flower, to concentrates, to pre-rolls.

Get A Certificate & Digital Badge Upon Completion

Become A Part Of The Ganjier Community

“The community that the Ganjier network is creating is one of the most powerful assets to the program. I have made new connections locally and all over the world.”
– Derek Oldham | Certified Ganjier
One of the more remarkable facets of Ganjier is the dynamic, expansive, and supportive network of Ganjier students, graduates and instructors worldwide.
It’s a welcoming place where you can deepen your knowledge, get exclusive invites to events and competitions, enjoy presentations from seasoned pros, and develop your network with kindred spirits from across the globe.
Think of it as your go-to community for learning, interacting, connecting, and accessing new opportunities in cannabis.
If you’re ready to join a unique, impressive, and highly engaged community of like-minded cannabis professionals and enthusiasts, dedicated to helping each other learn and grow while preserving the best of cannabis craft and connoisseurship, then join us today.

Find A New Cannabis Job

“The community that the Ganjier network is creating is one of the most powerful assets to the program. I have made new connections locally and all over the world.”

In partnership with, a leading cannabis industry job-board, your employee profile is automatically boosted above others once you achieve your Ganjier Product Specialist Certificate.

This helps you stand out from the pack, book more job interviews, and get hired faster.

Combine the power of Ganjier’s trusted cannabis education with Careers in Cannabis’ employer network – the ultimate combination to grow your cannabis career.

Get A Certificate & Digital Badge Upon Completion

“Become part of the most unbelievable collaboration of passionate cannabis minds you’ve ever imagined existed!”
– Jody Starr | Certified Ganjier

What You Get When You Enroll Now


  • Instant access to the Ganjier Product Specialist online training
  • Access to an incredible community of Ganjier students and graduates
  • Personal Assessment Log™ “PAL” app for doing your own cannabis assessments 
  • Certificate and digital badge upon completion
  • Stand out to employers by boosting your profile on 
  • Apply your entire tuition as a discount to the Certified Ganjier Program and continue your cannabis education journey

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How long is the training

The program encompasses approximately 10-hours of in-depth, online content taught by leaders and legends of the cannabis industry, which you can go through at your own pace and on your own time.

What’s different about this training vs. other cannabis education programs on the market?

1. Advanced: This program goes beyond the basic level of training that other companies provide, giving you a deeper level of knowledge, confidence, and credibility.

    • 2. The Ganjier Community: An unparalleled global network of cannabis enthusiasts and professionals who support each other at every turn.
      • 3. 24/7 Learning Platform: You can participate on any internet connected device, at your own pace, on your own time, from anywhere in the world.
        • 4. This is your first step to becoming a Certified Ganjier, AKA a Cannabis Sommelier.

Do I get a Certificate upon completion?

Yes, once you pass the 60-question online exam. Plus, you get a digital badge to add to your social media channels. This helps you stand out in a crowded and competitive industry.

How long do I get access to the content?

You get 6 months access to the online training. You can extend access for an additional 6 months for $97.

Will this help my cannabis career?

Absolutely! Employers are looking for well-trained people with variable skills and knowledge, and this gives you all that and more! Plus our partnership with guarantees you exposure to cannabis companies looking to hire people with this exact type of training.

Will I be a Certified Ganjier upon completion?

No, you will be a Ganjier Products Specialist, which is the first level in Ganjier. Becoming a Certified Ganjier is level 2, and is more rigorous, requires in-person assessment and service training, and requires passing 3 in-person exams. You can see the details of that program here.

What is the difference between Ganjier Product Specialist and Certified Ganjier?

The Ganjier Product Specialist is a “master of cannabis products”. As such, the program focuses primarily on cannabis product knowledge, consumption, and an introduction to sensory based quality assessment. The Certified Ganjier is a “cannabis sommelier”, trained in the history, genetics, cultivation, sales, service, and the Systematic Assessment Protocol®. Accordingly, the Certified level of the Ganjier program provides a significantly deeper level of instruction including over 35 hours of online curriculum, 2-days of hands-on in person skills training in Humboldt with members of the Ganjier Council, and 3 rigorous in person exams.

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