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Applications will CLOSE on February 28th!

With the overwhelming demand we’ve experienced over the past two years, our admissions process has become quite competitive. Be assured, each and every application is thoughtfully weighed and carefully examined.

Final acceptance notifications will be sent by no later than March 17th.

Learn more about Ganjier, our programs, and how you can get involved today.

In the tradition of the wine sommelier, cigar aficionado or master chocolatier, Ganjier is a first-of-its-kind rigorous, multi-tiered, comprehensive cannabis trade certification training, created and taught by the most respected names in the field with the sole intent of producing an entirely new class of cannabis professional – the Ganjier.
There are two levels in Ganjier:

• Level 1 : Ganjier Product Specialist
• Level 2: Certified Ganjier

To sign up, simply visit the program page, click “enroll now”, enter your info, and you will be registered for the program of your choice. You can begin taking the online classes immediately upon registering.
The Certified Ganjier level distinguishes itself from the Ganjier Product Specialist program through its more rigorous, comprehensive curriculum that delves deeper into subjects like the history of cannabis, genetics, terroir, service, and extensive training on the Systematic Assessment Protocol® for properly assessing the quality and value of cannabis flower and concentrates.

The Ganjier Certification Program further sets itself apart with a requisite 2-day in-person training session to hone assessment skills and palate, as well as the requirement to pass three in-person exams to achieve Certification, making it a significantly more demanding and prestigious qualification in the cannabis industry. 

It is NOT a prerequisite to take the Ganjier Product Specialist program in order to enroll in the Certified Ganjier level.
Everyone is welcome!

The Ganjier Product Specialist program is 100% online, and requires about 10 hours to complete.

However, if you’d like to elevate your status to become a Certified Ganjier, it requires a deeper commitment, in addition to a keen sense of smell and taste.

If you have known issues or problems with your sense of smell and / or taste, this may impact your ability to pass the Certified Level Assessment exam. Having the ability to be trained to accurately assess the qualitative and desirable aspects of cannabis is a critical component of becoming a Certified Ganjier. If you are unable to pass any of the three exams, including the Assessment exam, you will NOT be awarded certification.

There are currently nearly three hundred Certified Certified Ganjiers around the globe!
To become a Ganjier Product Specialist, it will take you about 10 hours to complete the online curriculum and quizzes, which you can do at your own pace and on your own time. Then you will have to pass a 60 question online exam to earn your Certificate. You will have 6 months from the time of enrollment to access the online learning and take the exam. You can extend access for another six months for $97.

The Ganjier Certification includes 40+ hours of online learning, and requires in-person training, and to pass in-person exams. You may complete all three steps at any time, provided it is within 18 months from the date of your enrollment.
Ganjier Product Specialist Program is $499.

The Certified Ganjier Program is $3,295, and payment plans are available here.
The Ganjier Product Specialist is a 100% online program you can take from anywhere in the world. So no travel is required.

To become a Certified Ganjier, YES! Due to the Live Training aspect of the curriculum, as well as the three in-person certification tests, travel to Humboldt County, California, USA will be necessary to complete your certification. *Please note, travel expenses are NOT included in the tuition fee and are the sole responsibility of the student.
Our 2-day, expert-led, in-person training sessions are held monthly on our spectacular 250 acre campus located in the heart of California’s “Emerald Triangle” region from May-October. 

Please view the Booking Calendar for currently available seats.
For our Certified level, we offer flexible payment plan options for those who wish to spread the cost of the tuition over multiple payments.

For the Ganjier Product Specialist program, tuition must be paid in full at the time of enrollment.
You may change your Live Training date ONCE at no charge. Additional changes will result in a $275 fee.

Any and all cancellations made within 14 calendar days of your booked Live Training date will result in a $275 rescheduling fee. 

Exam dates may only be changed or rescheduled with a $275 fee.

Should you have to reschedule, you must do so in writing to:

Please visit our Terms and Conditions page for additional details and information.
Drawing structure and inspiration from well-established wine, beer, chocolate, and cigar Certification Programs, Ganjier was developed over multiple years with volunteer participation from the esteemed Ganjier Council — 18 experts who collectively hold over 600 years of cannabis experience, contributing more than 8,000 hours of development time.

Ganjier is run by Green Flower, the global leader in cannabis education.
  1. 1. The Curriculum
    The Ganjier program represents the most thorough and rigorous cannabis sommelier program in the world, covering important topics such as cannabis quality, history, botany, science, genetics, cultivation, consumption, and service. Each portion of the curriculum is taught by the esteemed Ganjier Council, giving students unprecedented access to learn directly from the world’s most experienced cannabis experts.

  2. 2. The Systematic Assessment Protocol™
    Also known as The SAP, this is our proprietary tool created to be the most thorough and accurate cannabis quality assessment method ever developed. The SAP harnesses the power of each of the four senses we use to interact with cannabis — Aroma, Appearance, Flavor, and Experience — to critically assess the genuine desirability of cannabis flower and concentrates based on a standardized set of criteria that was vigorously debated and agreed upon by the Ganjier Council. Every Ganjier also receives access to our signature mobile app, which allows you to perform The SAP Analysis on your smartphone anytime you wish.

  3. 3. The Certification Process
    In order to ensure quality and understanding at every level, the Ganjier Certification process is deeply rigorous.

    For Ganjier Product Specialist, it requires you to go through the online training and pass the online exam.

    To become a Certified Ganjier, you must complete a more comprehensive online training, and also attend a live hands-on training to get direct feedback and guidance around using the SAP and practicing correct cannabis service. After months of private study to refine your palate, and you must pass a 3-part exam in cannabis service, cannabis assessment, and cannabis knowledge to test and demonstrate your mastery in the Ganjier principles. 
Absolutely! The Ganjier program is available to anyone around the globe.  We’ve hosted students from all over the world, including…Germany, Italy, Australia, Chile, France, Mexico, Canada, Columbia, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Ireland, Thailand, Israel, Moldova, Guam, and more. 
There are several core differences. 

The Ganjier program has been modeled after the top sommelier schools, and has been specifically tailored to equip the student with the knowledge and skills to be a “cannabis sommelier”. 

As an example, while we have a “cultivation” course in this program, it is not designed to teach the student how to grow cannabis.  The cultivation course teaches the student about each of the decisions that the grower makes that affect the end quality of the flower.   We discuss the qualitative differences between sungrown vs lamp grown, chemical vs organic / living soil, drying only vs drying and curing, etc.  

Each of the courses in the Ganjier curriculum have been tailored to train “a master of cannabis service”, someone who will be a trusted and reliable guide for the cannabis consumer.
The curriculum was developed by the Ganjier Council , 18 of the most respected experts in the cannabis industry with over 600 years of collective cannabis knowledge, experience, and expertise. The Ganjier Council was established to guide, validate, and endorse the accuracy, validity, and rigor of the Ganjier Certification Program.
  • • You have 36 hours from the receipt of your initial payment to cancel and receive a full refund.  No refunds will be made after 36 hours from receipt of the initial payment.  To receive a refund, please reach out to no more than 36 hours after payment.

  • • For the Certified Level, you may change your Live Training date, with a minimum of 14 days advance notice, ONCE at no charge. Additional changes will result in a $275.00 fee. 

  • •Any and all cancellations made within 14 calendar days of your booked Live Training date will result in a $275.00 rescheduling fee.

  • • Exam dates may only be changed or rescheduled with a $275.00 fee.

  • • Attendance confirmation is required 30 days prior to the booked Live Training and / or Certification Exam(s).

  • •Should you have to cancel, you must do so in writing to: In the event that Green Flower cancels a scheduled Live Training or Certification Exam date(s) the student will be offered the opportunity to reschedule free of charge.
Have questions about the Ganjier program?  You will likely find the answers here. Should you require additional assistance, feel free to reach out to

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