Welcome, Ganjier Students!

You’re not just on a path to certification; you’re embarking on a transformative journey to elevate your expertise and ignite your cannabis potential. This program is more than a course; it’s an immersive experience, designed to hone your skills, deepen your knowledge, and connect you with a vibrant community of cannabis enthusiasts and professionals. Dive into the resources below, tailored especially for you, to ensure you maximize every moment of your Ganjier journey. Together, we’re not only raising the bar for individual excellence but setting new standards for the entire cannabis industry. Let’s get started!

The onboarding guide contains important information about how to access courses and the SAP app, alongside other resources designed to help you make the most of your Ganjier journey.

Students and Certified Ganjiers gather online in the Facebook group. This group is only open to Ganjier students and is a great way to connect, learn, and share your knowledge and experience.

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Live Training and Exams Booking Calendar

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Live Training and Exam Guide

Live Training and Exam Guide: Make sure you know what to expect prior to scheduling your live training and exam. This guide will provide you with important (and necessary) details about planning your trip to our Highlands Wilderness Campus.  

Stay Overnight in One of Our Cabins

Roll out of bed, roll one up and roll off to class. Situated between the Cannabis Dojo and our “Ganjier Grove” graduation site, the Ganjier Campus hosts six modern cabins. Each cabin is fully insulated (keeping them cool in the day and warm at night), features a small loft, skylight, ceiling fan, power outlet and is outfitted with a super comfortable queen-sized bed.

The cost is $200/night and includes:

  • Continental breakfast
  • Privately catered dinner
  • Community Lounge
  • Exclusive access to Salmon Creek
  • Access to trails 
  • Increased opportunity for post-event socializing with the Ganjier instructors & students

Especially popular with students studying (and gathering to review Systematic Assessment Protocols) for final exams, the day we made these accommodations available, a whole new meaning to the phrase “Cabin Fever” was born, garnering rave reviews across the board.

Weekly Group Study Sessions:

Certified Ganjier Elizabeth Sage conducts weekly group study sessions for students. We HIGHLY recommend attending these subscription based sessions to improve your knowledge and skill-set prior to attempting the Exams.

For "Online Only" Ganjier Students

If you’ve paid for the Ganjier online courses but not the live-trainings & exams, enroll now to complete your Ganjier Certification journey.

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