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The Final Steps to Complete Your Ganjier Certification

Now that you’ve begun the online portion of the Certified Ganjier instruction, you are eligible to embark upon the remaining steps of your Ganjier journey: the live, two-day, in-person assessment training and your final examinations.

Expert-Led Live Assessment Training In The Heart of California’s Emerald Triangle

You’ve seen them in your course materials, now join your favorite Ganjier instructors live and in-person in the heart of the Emerald Triangle for two days of intensive cannabis assessment training.

Imagine working alongside some of your favorite cannabis icons, sampling premium cannabis, asking questions and getting first-hand instruction straight from the experts.

It’s this level of access, interaction and dedication from our instructors that truly sets the Ganjier program apart.

If you’re ready to receive this level of in-depth insight and instruction from top experts and artisans in the cannabis field.

Your Two-Day, Expert-Led Ganjier Live Training Sessions Include:

  • In-Depth Exploration of the CIP: Customer Interaction Protocol™
  • Cannabis Service Roleplay Simulation
  • A Customized Ganjier Terpene Kit and Professional Grade Jeweler’s Loupe
  • An Exclusive Tour of a Working Regenerative Cannabis Farm
  • In-Depth Exploration of the Systematic Assessment Protocol® (SAP) App
  • Aroma, Appearance, Taste and Quality Cannabis Assessment Tutorials
  • And more…

“I’m back from Southern Humboldt still BUZZING from the experience! Having access to such a meticulously curated palate of expert minds was beyond anything I could imagine. The connections and lifelines I forged with my mentors and cohorts during those two days will assuredly lead to brighter outcomes for my goals!”

– Morgan S., 2021 Ganjier Candidate

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Remember, in order to receive full Ganjier Certification, you must complete the online curriculum, the live assessment training and the final exams.

These spots are only available on a first-come, first served basis, so time and space are limited.

To secure your spot among the redwoods for an unparalleled one-of-a-kind cannabis experience choose your date.

Your Next Steps:

To accommodate those with time, budget, and travel constraints, we’ve bundled live instruction and final examinations together into concurrent dates. You may take your exams immediately following your Live Training in Humboldt OR you may return to Humboldt and take your exams at a later date.

Seating is limited for the following two-day, expert-led live cannabis assessment training sessions, plus exams conducted in Northern California’s famed Emerald Triangle.

Reserve Your Space Now

2-Day Live Training + Final Assessment Examinations Includes:

  • 2-day in-person Live Training
  • In-Person Certification Exams

All for just $2697

These spots are only available on a first-come, first served basis, so time and space are limited.

To secure your spot among the redwoods for an unparalleled one-of-a-kind cannabis experience choose your date.

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Last remaining 2021 seats listed below..
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What Ganjier Students Are Saying


There are 3 levels of Ganjier Certification: Certified Ganjier (CG), Advanced Ganjier (AG), and Executive Ganjier (EG). To achieve Certification in any level, you must successfully complete all 3 steps in the Certification process: 

Step 1 – Complete the Online Training 

Step 2 – Attend the Live Training 

Step 3 – Pass all three in-person exams 

  • Knowledge Exam
  • Service Exam
  • Assessment Exam 

Combining online coursework, tutorials, hands-on training, written and skill exams and an exclusive Systematic Assessment Protocol (The SAP) Ganjier will equip you with the skills and knowledge few in the industry (even the most seasoned veterans) possess.

Our 2-day, expert-led live training sessions, conducted in the heart of the Emerald Triangle, are open exclusively for students wishing to become Certified Ganjiers.  ONLY currently registered Full Certification Pathway or Online Curriculum students are eligible to enroll into and attend the live training sessions.

The Ganjier Full Certification Pathway costs $2,997, and includes ALL THREE STEPS to become a Certified Ganjier: the online curriculum, in-person training, and 3-part exam. You can also purchase each step in the Ganjier Certification process separately, which is $699 for the “Online Curriculum”, and $2,697 for the “Live Training & Exams” ( 2-day in-person training, 3-part exam).

We are offering a limited number of tuition scholarships for the Full Certification Pathway.  The scholarship will cover 50% of the tuition and is being offered to anyone who has been directly and negatively impacted by the “War on Drugs”.

Additionally, we offer flexible payment plan options for those who wish to spread the cost of the tuition over multiple payments.

To learn more about our scholarships or payment options, please contact info@ganjier.com

Due to the Live Training aspect of the curriculum, as well as the three in-person certification tests, travel to Humboldt County, California, will be necessary to complete your certification.

Everyone is welcome to enroll and begin their journey towards becoming a Ganjier.  We have students from all over the globe who have enrolled and attended our live training sessions in Humboldt County, California.

However, to become a Certified Ganjier requires a keen sense of smell and taste.  If you have known issues or problems with your sense of smell and / or taste, this may impact your ability to pass the Assessment exam.  Having the ability to be trained to accurately assess the qualitative and desirable aspects of cannabis is a critical component of becoming a Certified Ganjier.  If you are unable to pass any of the three exams, including the Assessment exam, you will NOT be awarded certification.

Each 2-day, expert-led, in-person training will be held monthly in California’s “Emerald Triangle” region from April-December. Please view the Booking Calendar (above) for currently available seats.  Upon registration into the ‘Full Certification Pathway’ you will be able to select any available dates that best fit with your schedule.

We anticipate announcing the Live Training and Exam dates for 2022 before the end of December 2021.

You may change EITHER your Live Training or Exam date (but not both) ONCE within 18 months of booking at no charge.

Additional changes will result in a $275 rescheduling fee.

Attendance confirmation is required 30 days prior to your booked Live Training and / or Exam dates.

ANY and ALL cancellations made within 14 calendar days of your booked Live Training or Exam date will result in a $275 rescheduling fee.

Should you have to cancel, you must do so in writing to:  info@ganjier.com

No, it is not necessary to fully complete all ten online courses prior to attending the Live Training.  However, we highly recommend completing the Assessment and Service courses prior to attending the Live Training so you may fully maximize your time during your Live session.  As a reminder, ONLY Full Certification Pathway and Online Curriculum students may book their Live Training and / or Exam date(s).

Green Flower, the global leader in cannabis education, worked in partnership with the Ganjier Council, 18 of the cannabis industry’s most respected and brilliant minds spanning disciplines from cultivation to concentrates, chemistry to commerce, to develop the standards, curriculum, tools, and testing that powers the rigorous Ganjier Certification pathways.

Still have more questions? Email info@ganjier.com