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It Takes More Than Just Passion To Succeed In Cannabis Today

Let’s face it – in today’s cannabis field, passion is critical, but it’s only part of the equation.

In a market dominated by hype and misunderstanding, how do you rise above the noise? How do you establish real trust and credibility? How do you set yourself apart?

Enter Ganjier, the cannabis sommelier certification – designed to elevate your cannabis credibility to a whole new level of expertise and respect. 

This isn’t just an educational program you take – it’s an immersive community you join that will change your life forever.

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Only 240 spots for 2024

The Roles & Responsibilities of a Ganjier

  • Be a trusted guide for cannabis consumers
  • Perform critical discernment of cannabis quality
  • Inform buyers of what to buy and why
  • Contribute to cannabis competitions as judges
  • Curate menus for dispensaries and purveyors
  • Train other staff members
  • Be a liaison between cultivator and seller from farm to flame
  • Develop lexicon to communicate standards, values, and quality more effectively and consistently across all industry sectors, from consumers to producers
  • Raise the standard of excellence and consistency in cannabis quality
  • Elevate the credibility of cannabis by having a credentialed professional on staff

Your Path To Becoming A Certified Ganjier

Step 1: Take The Online Courses

Designed and taught by all 18 members of the Ganjier Council, this advanced online program will equip you with the knowledge required to become a Certified Ganjier, and become a master of cannabis quality and service. You’ve never had this much fun learning in your life!

Here is a preview of the online courses you will be able to access 24/7:

Step 2: Attend In-Person Training at the Ganjier Campus In Humboldt, CA.

Unprecedented Access to the Finest Minds & Gardens in the Industry.

While the online portion of the Ganjier curriculum is tailored to provide you with the necessary knowledge to become a successful Ganjier, the Live Training has been designed to equip you with the appropriate skills. This is truly a unique, immersive cannabis experience you will never forget.

Cannabis Quality Assessment Training

The bulk of your time will be dedicated to the art and science of accurately assessing cannabis flower and concentrates. Together with legendary instructors in an intimate setting, you’ll go through every aspect of the Systematic Assessment Protocol in real-time.

Each student will receive their very own signature Ganjier jeweler’s loupe to proudly use for visual inspections moving forward, a timeless tool you’ll cherish and showcase as a symbol of your expertise for decades to come.

You will learn how to properly use your jeweler’s loupe to identify critical visual aspects of cannabis quality. You will go through palate training exercises that assist you in perfecting your ability to detect, identify, and describe the richly detailed cannabis aromas and flavors. And you will learn how to tie all of these elements to the mental and physical effect profiles that can be communicated to others. 

Spend 2 Full Days With Cannabis Legends

The Ganjier live-training is led exclusively by the Ganjier Council, whose collective expertise spans over six decades of experience and encompasses disciplines from cultivation to commerce. 

Each live session is limited to just 20 students, and is always staffed by AT LEAST 4 Ganjier Council members, providing an optimal 5-1 student/teacher ratio, ensuring you receive intensive quality time with these preeminent industry experts. Meet the Ganjier Council Here.

An Exclusive, Hands-On, Farm Excursion to See, Sample & Experience Legendary Humboldt Cultivation

Experience the pinnacle of Humboldt cannabis cultivation on a local, legacy farm tour where you’ll meet legendary cultivators who’ve shaped the industry, hear their stories and sample their finest flower. This exclusive tour offers you a rare glimpse into the art and science of growing the highest quality cannabis, from soil to harvest, while meeting the remarkable pioneers who made it possible.

Master Your Service Skills

A hallmark of our Ganjier Certification is the Customer Interaction Protocol (CIP), which serves as a structured guide for Ganjiers to engage effectively with cannabis consumers. It outlines the essential questions to ask and the critical information to collect, utilizing active listening techniques and ensuring you can guide every consumer through a tailored, optimal cannabis experience for them. You’ll also practice in-person role-play exercises, gaining valuable feedback to improve your skills.

An Unparalleled Set & Setting in the Heart of the Emerald Triangle 

Ganjier in-person trainings are conducted amongst the breathtaking Redwoods situated at the beautiful 243 acre Ganjier campus. Explore the Stunning Ganjier Highlands Wilderness Campus Here

Your Two-Day, Expert-Led Ganjier Live Training Includes:

  • A secluded, intimate setting where you’ll connect with the Ganjier Council and fellow Ganjiers from around the globe 
  • In-Depth Training to develop your palate and skills with the Systematic Assessment Protocol™ (SAP App)
  • Cannabis Service Roleplay Simulation using the Ganjier Customer Interaction Protocol™
  • A Private Tour of a Local, Regenerative, Legacy Cannabis Farm
  • Receive Your Signature Ganjier Jeweler’s Loupe
  • Enjoy organic, locally-sourced, delicious meals prepared on-site
  • Sample Humboldt’s finest herb
  • An opportunity to stay on-site at the Ganjier campus in our popular single-occupancy cabins (book early to ensure availability)
  • And more

Step 3: Successfully Pass the In-Person Written, Service, and SAP Exams

To become a Certified Ganjier, you must be able to demonstrate proficiency in the knowledge and skills that you’ve acquired. The three exams to become a Certified Ganjier are rigorous, comprehensive, and require proper study and preparation to achieve success. 

Written Exam: A 100-question multiple-choice exam designed to ensure you have the required knowledge of a Certified Ganjier, consisting of material contained in the online courses. A score of 90% or greater will be required to pass this exam.

Service Exam: A role-play scenario with an exam administrator to demonstrate your ability to utilize the Customer Interaction Protocol™. You must be able to clearly identify the desired goals and outcomes of the customer, and guide them to their proper product categories and experiences. 

Assessment Exam: You will assess an unidentified and blindly selected flower sample that has been pre-assessed by the Ganjier instructors. Each and every criteria within the Systematic Assessment Protocol® will be reviewed for accuracy. Students are allowed to miss no more than ONE criteria in each of the four categories in order to successfully pass this exam.

As a matter of convenience and financial flexibility for our valued students, we’re thrilled to announce that Ganjier exams will soon be made available in a city near you!  Throughout 2024, we’ll be hosting exams at several strategic locations across the US, including Denver, Los Angeles, and New York with more locations to be announced.

We’re thrilled to announce that Ganjier exams will soon be made available in a city near you!  Throughout 2024, we’ll be hosting exams at several strategic locations across the US, including Denver, Los Angeles, and New York with more locations to be announced.

While previously only held at the Ganjier campus in Humboldt, we’re thrilled to announce that Ganjier exams will soon be made available in a city near you!  Throughout 2024, we’ll be hosting exams at several strategic locations across the US, including Denver, Los Angeles, and New York with more locations to be announced.

Certification: Certified Ganjier (CG)

Once these 3 steps have been successfully completed, you will be awarded your Certified Ganjier status which grants you the title of ‘Certified Ganjier’, the honor of wearing the Certified Ganjier pin, and the privilege of including the initials ‘CG’ after your name to indicate your professional trade certification status.

Want to see what's covered in the Ganjier curriculum?

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Benefits You'll Receive Upon Enrollment

Access To The SAP App 

A cornerstone of the program is our proprietary Systematic Assessment Protocol™ known as The SAP App, which is the most thorough and accurate cannabis quality assessment method ever developed. You get instant access upon joining the program.

The Ganjier Customer Interaction Protocol™  

Learn our exclusive Ganjier Customer Interaction Protocol, which makes you a hero to customers by ensuring you expertly guide consumers to the perfect cannabis products for them.

Take your Exams at convenient locations around the country

In 2024, Ganjier exams will be held in multiple locations around the US. This will save you time and money by making your Certification process easier and more convenient.

Private Online Community 

Get 24/7 access to other Ganjier students and graduates so you can always get support, feedback, and guidance as a cannabis professional.

The Ganjier Loupe

When you attend your live training, you will be given a beautiful, high-quality Ganjier loupe to do your visual assessments. Not just a tool, but also a precious memento of your experience.

Certification, Ganjier Pin & Digital Badge upon successful completion

Show off your accomplishment and credibility to others with your official Ganjier credential, plus get a digital badge to add to all your social media channels.

Listing in the Ganjier directory

Be seen and found by businesses and media looking for Certified Ganjiers in your area.

Opportunity to be profiled as a Certified Ganjier 

We regularly profile Certified Ganjiers to tell your story and showcase your accomplishments. A great way to expand your profile and open up many new opportunities.

Most importantly – you get to be a part of the Ganjier movement. 

It’s not just a certification; it’s a revolution in cannabis quality and service. By becoming a Ganjier, you’re joining a movement that’s setting new industry standards, and contributing to a global shift towards cannabis understanding and appreciation. Be a part of the change. Join us in Ganjier.

A Powerful Cannabis Community

Student Profile

Who Joins Ganjier

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a passionate enthusiast, Ganjier is the next step in your cannabis journey.

Cannabis Workers on the Rise

If you’re already in the industry and looking to “level up,” Ganjier is your ladder to higher positions, greater responsibilities, and [increased income].

Aspiring Cannabis Professionals

Are you a cannabis enthusiast ready to go pro? Ganjier is your ticket to standing out and making a name for yourself as a trusted cannabis professional.

Executives and Entrepreneurs

Planning to launch a cannabis venture or take your existing business to new highs? Ganjier gives you a unique edge that enhances your credibility, helps you design higher quality products, and speak cannabis intelligently.

Legacy Enthusiasts & Cultivators

Been around cannabis for years but also have some knowledge gaps? Come to Humboldt, learn from legends, and fill in those gaps under a set and setting that will blow your mind.

What Ganjier Students Are Saying

Why Join Ganjier?

Be A Part Of This Passionate Cannabis Tribe

Welcome to your new favorite cannabis community—filled with smart, passionate, and influential cannabis professionals from around the globe. This isn’t just networking; you’re now a part of the Ganjier tribe.

Open Up New Job & Career Opportunities

Your Ganjier certification commands respect and acknowledgement from peers and companies alike. This allows you to open doors, and attract great people to work with, much more easily.

Be Seen As A Trusted Cannabis Expert By Everyone Around You

As a Ganjier, you’ll be seen as the credible and trustworthy cannabis expert everyone turns to. As a result, watch as new people and opportunities roll in like never before.

Erase the Stigma, Elevate Your Status

Shed the stereotypes, and accomplish something that’s respected and revered in our industry. Now you’re a certified cannabis professional.

You Be the Judge

Get ready for events and competitions to invite you to judge flower and concentrates because of your newly acquired skills. You don’t just get to attend these events; now you get to go behind the scenes as a judge.

Deepen Your Personal Cannabis Connection & Knowledge

Fill in the gaps in your cannabis knowledge and experience the plant on a whole new level. It’s not just about consumption; it’s about a new level of appreciation and mastery around how to assess and appreciate cannabis. 

Everything You Get When You Enroll Today

Only 240 spots in the 2024 class

  • Instant access to the Ganjier online curriculum featuring all 18 members of the Ganjier Council 
  • One ticket to attend a 2-day in-person training in the magic of humboldt, including organic lunches, a private cannabis farm tour, and a life-changing experience
  • Instant access to the SAP app
  • Take your Certification exam at a location of your choice in 2024
  • Access to the private online Ganjier community
  • Signature Ganjier loupe
  • Digital badge and official Certification upon successful completion
  • Listing in the Ganjier directory
  • Opportunity to be profiled as a Certified Ganjier
  • The cannabis education journey of a lifetime

Receive a $300 discount when you pay in full for $2,997
Or $500/month following initial $799 payment

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In the tradition of the wine sommelier, cigar aficionado or master chocolatier, Ganjier is a first-of-its-kind rigorous, multi-tiered, comprehensive cannabis trade certification training, created and taught by the most respected names in the field with the sole intent of producing an entirely new class of cannabis professional – the Ganjier.

Enrollment into the 2024 cohort is currently open until December 31st.  Click HERE to enroll now!

Everyone is welcome to apply and begin their journey towards becoming a Ganjier.  There are currently nearly three hundred Certified Ganjiers around the globe!

However, to become a Certified Ganjier requires commitment, in addition to a keen sense of smell and taste.  

If you have known issues or problems with your sense of smell and / or taste, this may impact your ability to pass the Assessment exam.  Having the ability to be trained to accurately assess the qualitative and desirable aspects of cannabis is a critical component of becoming a Certified Ganjier.  If you are unable to pass any of the three exams, including the Assessment exam, you will NOT be awarded certification.

To become a Certified Ganjier, you must successfully complete all 3 steps in the Certification process within 12 months from the date of your enrollment: 

Step 1 – Complete the Online Training 

Step 2 – Attend the In-Person Training 

Step 3 – Successfully Pass all three in-person exams 

  • Knowledge Exam
  • Service Exam
  • Assessment Exam 

Combining online coursework, tutorials, hands-on training, written and skill exams and an exclusive Systematic Assessment Protocol (The SAP) Ganjier will equip you with the skills and knowledge few in the industry (even the most seasoned veterans) possess.

The Ganjier Certification is a self-paced study program.  You may complete all three steps at any time, provided it is within 12 months from the date of your enrollment.

Paid in full at the time of enrollment, tuition for the Ganjier program is only $2950 and includes the online curriculum, 2 day in-person training, and one attempt at the 3-part exam. 

You can also choose to pay your tuition over six installments (more details on our registration page HERE).

Yes.  Due to the Live Training aspect of the curriculum, as well as the three in-person certification tests, travel to Humboldt County, California, USA will be necessary to complete your certification.  Please note, travel expenses are NOT included in the tuition fee and are the sole responsibility of the student.

Our 2-day, expert-led, in-person training sessions are held monthly on our spectacular 250 acre campus located in the heart of California’s “Emerald Triangle” region from May-October. 

Please view the Booking Calendar for currently available seats.

We are pleased to be offering a limited number of tuition scholarships for 2024.  The scholarship covers 100% of the tuition and is being offered strictly to those individuals who have been most directly and negatively impacted by the “War on Drugs”.

Additionally, we offer flexible payment plan options for those who wish to spread the cost of the tuition over multiple payments.

To learn more about our scholarships or payment options, please contact

You may change your Live Training date ONCE at no charge.  Additional changes will result in a $275.00 fee. 

Any and all cancellations made within 14 calendar days of your booked Live Training date will result in a $275.00 rescheduling fee.  Exam dates may only be changed or rescheduled with a $275.00 fee. Should you have to reschedule, you must do so in writing to:

Please visit our Terms and Conditions page for additional details and information.

Green Flower, the global leader in cannabis education, worked in partnership with the Ganjier Council, 18 of the cannabis industry’s most respected and brilliant minds spanning disciplines from cultivation to concentrates, chemistry to commerce, to develop the standards, curriculum, tools, and testing that powers the rigorous Ganjier Certification.

Drawing structure and inspiration from well-established wine, beer, chocolate, and cigar Certification Programs, Ganjier was developed over multiple years with volunteer participation from the esteemed Ganjier Council — 18 experts who collectively hold over 600 years of cannabis experience, contributing more than 8,000 hours of development time.

  • Kevin Jodrey, Founder of Port Royal and Wonderland Nursery, Renowned Breeder and Cultivator, Emerald Cup and Golden Tarp Judge
  • Frenchy Cannoli, Master Hashishin, Cannabis Aficionado, Educator
  • Patrick King, “The Soil King,” Cannabis Entrepreneur, Founder of Soil King Garden Center, Plant Nutrient Expert
  • Jeffrey Raber, Organic Chemist, Chief Scientist, Co-Founder and President of The Werc Shop
  • Mel Frank, Hall of Fame Cannabis Breeder, Legendary Cultivator, Author of The Marijuana Grower’s Insider’s Guide
  • Swami Chaitanya, Iconic Cultivator, Competition Judge, Entrepreneur, Founder of Swami Select
  • Nikki Lastreto, Co-Founder of Swami Select, Cultivator, Cannabis Competition Judge
  • Nick Tanem (aka Nikka T), Award-Winning Hash Master, Owner of Essential Extracts
  • Wendy Kornberg, Legacy Cultivator, CEO of Sunnabis, Educator/Advisor
  • Omar Figueroa, Cannabis Legal Expert, Defense Attorney, Founding Member of National Cannabis Bar Association
  • Amanda Reiman PhD, Cannabis Educator, Advocate, VP Community Development for Flow Cannabis Co
  • Genine Coleman, Executive Director, Mendocino Appellations Project, Educator, 
  • Justin Calvino, Cultivator, Co-Founder of Emerald Exchange and The Mendocino Appellations Project, Executive Director, Terroir Mendocino
  • Kimberly Hooks, CEO of Frenchy Cannoli Brand, Aroma / Flavor Expert, Educator
  • Aaron Varney, Co-Founder of Dockside Cannabis, Educator, Advocate
  • Josh Wurzer, President of SC Labs, Cannabis Scientist, Educator
  • Alec Dixon, Co-Founder of SC Labs, Educator, Terpene Wizard
  • Derek Gillman, Managing Director of Ganjier, Legacy Cultivator, Connoisseur
    1. The Curriculum
      The Ganjier program represents the most thorough and rigorous cannabis sommelier program in the world, covering important topics such as cannabis quality, history, botany, science, genetics, cultivation, consumption, and service. Each portion of the curriculum is taught by the esteemed Ganjier Council, giving students unprecedented access to learn directly from the world’s most experienced cannabis experts.

    1. The Systematic Assessment Protocol™
      Also known as The SAP, this is our proprietary tool created to be the most thorough and accurate cannabis quality assessment method ever developed. The SAP harnesses the power of each of the four senses we use to interact with cannabis — Aroma, Appearance, Flavor, and Experience — to critically assess the genuine desirability of cannabis flower and concentrates based on a standardized set of criteria that was vigorously debated and agreed upon by the Ganjier Council. Every Ganjier also receives access to our signature mobile app, which allows you to perform The SAP Analysis on your smartphone anytime you wish.

    • The Certification Process
      In order to ensure quality and understanding at every level, the Ganjier Certification Process is deeply rigorous. It begins with enrollment into the 10 online courses, which then feeds into the live hands-on training to get direct feedback and guidance around using the SAP and practicing correct cannabis service, which then requires months of private study to refine your palate, and concludes with a 3-part exam in cannabis service, cannabis assessment, and cannabis knowledge to test and demonstrate your mastery in the Ganjier principles. Upon completion of these steps, you will be awarded the first level of certification: Certified Ganjier, which earns you the privilege of including the initials ‘CG’ after your name to indicate your professional trade certification status.
  • Accurately Assessing Cannabis Flowers & Concentrates
  • Artfully Executed Cannabis Service 
  • Business of Successful Cannabis Sales 
  • Botany of the Cannabis Plant 
  • Unraveling the Mysteries of Cannabis Genetics
  • History of Cannabis & Consumption
  • Understanding the Science of Cannabis 
  • Art & Science of Cannabis Cultivation 
  • Cannabis Processing Methodology 
  • Contemporary Cannabis Consumption 
  • World of Cannabis Connoisseurship

The Ganjier program is available to anyone around the globe.  We’ve hosted students from all over the world, including…Germany, Italy, Australia, Chile, France, Mexico, Canada, Columbia, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Ireland, Thailand, Israel, Moldova, Guam, and more. 

The initial step towards becoming a Certified Ganjier is the online portion of our curriculum. However, there are three steps to becoming a Certified Ganjier:

Step 1 – Complete the Online Training 

Step 2 – Attend the 2-day, In-person, expert led Live Training 

Step 3 – Pass the In-Person Written, Service, and SAP™ Exam

All three steps must be completed within 12 months from the date of your enrollment

There are several core differences. 

The Ganjier program has been modeled after the top sommelier schools. 

There are three steps to become a Certified Ganjier:

Step 1 – Complete the Online Training 

Step 2 – Attend the 2-day, In-person, expert led Live Training 

Step 3 – Pass the In-Person Written, Service, and SAP™ Exams

The Ganjier program has been specifically tailored to equip the student with the knowledge and skills to be a “cannabis sommelier”, a Ganjier. 

As an example, while we have a “cultivation” course in this program, it is not designed to teach the student how to grow cannabis.  The cultivation course teaches the student about each of the decisions that the grower makes that affect the end quality of the flower.   We discuss the qualitative differences between sungrown vs lamp grown, chemical vs organic / living soil, drying only vs drying and curing, etc.  

Each of the courses in the initial level of the Ganjier curriculum have been tailored to train “a master of cannabis service”, someone who will be a trusted and reliable guide for the cannabis consumer.

The curriculum was developed by the Ganjier Council, 18 of the most respected experts in the cannabis industry with over 600 years of collective cannabis knowledge, experience, and expertise.  The Ganjier Council was established to guide, validate, and endorse the accuracy, validity, and rigor of the Ganjier Certification Program.

The Ganjier program, along with the 18 experts in the Ganjier Council, was developed under Green Flower.  Green Flower, the leader in cannabis education for nearly 7 years, currently boasts having it’s curriculum offered in over thirty colleges and universities across the US, including some within the highly regarded University of California system, University of Arizona, Syracuse, and LSU.

Green Flower incurs significant expense in administering the Certified Ganjier program. 

– You may change your Live Training date, with a minimum of 14 days advance notice, ONCE at no charge. Additional changes will result in a $275.00 fee. 

– Any and all cancellations made within 14 calendar days of your booked Live Training date will result in a $275.00 rescheduling fee.

– Exam dates may only be changed or rescheduled with a $275.00 fee.

– Attendance confirmation is required 30 days prior to the booked Live Training and / or Certification Exam(s). 

Should you have to cancel, you must do so in writing to: In the event that Green Flower cancels a scheduled Live Training or Certification Exam date(s) the student will be offered the opportunity to reschedule.

Green Flower incurs significant expense in administering the Certified Ganjier program.


  • You have 36 hours from the receipt of your initial payment to cancel and receive a full refund.  No refunds will be made after 36 hours from receipt of the initial payment.  To receive a refund, please reach out to no more than 36 hours after payment.

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