Ganjier ProFile: Wine to Weed – A Sommelier Straddles the Best of Both Worlds

Name: Au Chung

Location: Laytonville, CA and Oakland, CA

Ganjier Graduating Class: October, 2021

Favorite Cultivar:

I can not limit myself to one. I have different preferences for different activities or times of day.  I enjoy anything pineapple for daytime activities, and I like GMO for deep meditation, relaxation and sleep. I am also really enjoying Whitethorn Rose and sour tangie as live rosin from Heritage Hash Co. yummy!

What was your position before joining Ganjier?

Sommelier and wine consultant

What is it now?

Brand Ambassador for Lehua Brands, Cannabis advocate, Consultant, Outdoor cultivator, and aspiring Hashishin.

What was your primary ambition for joining the cannabis field?

To save the planet (yes, I am one of those) raising consciousness about consumption of all things, especially cannabis, destigmatizing the plant, normalizing consumption, promoting more sustainable lifestyles, ways of growing, living a purposeful life I would love and being my authentic self. We have the choice to create our best lives, so that is what I am doing.

Why did you choose the Ganjier program?

I felt the underlying intentions of the program really aligned with my purpose. 

Curriculum: vast array of knowledge from industry legends covering all subjects.

Validation. As an aspiring candidate to get into the cannabis industry, I really felt that I need to get formal education and certification to be taken seriously. I applied for jobs to get into the industry before my courses and I would never hear back because I did not have any [professional] cannabis experience.

What did you expect going into this course?

A solid education and base foundation for the industry. And meeting some of my heroes.

What did you find?

It far exceeded my expectations. Not only did I get a priceless education, amazing mentors, unforgettable experiences and connections, the community of students and graduates are a beautiful amalgamation of industry professionals from different backgrounds and expertise that support each other. We continue our education up to date with different topics, and keep our assessment skills honed and sharp with group SAPs weekly.

Was there a game-changing “Aha” moment for you during the course?

Throughout the online curriculum, I witnessed the passion behind all the instructors and the effect the plant has on them. It was confirmed during the live courses. I was called to the program the moment I learned about it. It was aha, after aha.

Of course, I did my research before committing. I am a fan of what the instructors stand for. I am grateful that this information is being shared from the previous generation and we can start to have some type of premise in terms of educating people who want to join the industry or keeping current for people already in the industry. As the legal market grows, we will need more educated, conscious and qualified individuals to be part of it. It is fundamental to the growth of cannabis in the right direction.

What skills / knowledge / philosophy have you been able to take away and apply to your current cannabis career?

The SAP (Systematic Assessment Protocol) is invaluable to looking at and consuming cannabis. I’ve always been a curious consumer and appreciate subtle nuances to what I taste. This skill/tool really deepens my appreciation for the plant. In a way it is similar to how I taste wine from a sensory standpoint. That being said, wine enthusiasts still need training to be effective cannabis assessors.

A big philosophy for cannabis and for life that I took away from the course is active listening: with full attention with all your senses. It is super important to not get distracted, but it happens all the time. When you give your full attention, that is when you can see the other person, what they need or looking for to offer the best guidance as a Ganjier, but also as a friend, parent, teacher, doctor, nurse, healer or any other position offering care.

What impact  did the Ganjier training have on your cannabis career/future?

The ability to plunge into the industry with support of great mentorship and the best connections to like-minded kindred spirits.

To those considering the course what advice would you give?

Look within, if your heart and mind is in cannabis: Run towards this great opportunity!

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