Ganjier Pro File: Legalizing It.

“What an amazing experience! Thank you Ganjier and all the people behind it!”


Name: Christopher D. Mandracchia, Esq. l Certified Ganjier 

Location: Conshohocken, PA 

Ganjier Graduating Class: 2021

What was your position before joining Ganjier? I was the owner/CEO/managing attorney of CDM Law, a full service law firm with a focus on cannabis matters.

What is it now? Same, however I now am also a Certified Ganjier and a founding member of Certified Cannabis Consultants. I also launched a company called LeafLove, we are selling apparel to donate proceeds to cannabis related justice causes.

What was your primary ambition/motivation for joining the cannabis field? I have always questioned the law as it relates to cannabis, and have consistently studied and/or fought for the right to use cannabis medicine. I hope to help end the federal prohibition, and see that the non-violent cannabis prisoners get out of prison and stay out of prison. Further, I love the cannabis community and the cannabis plant.

Why did you choose the Ganjier program? I chose the Ganjier Program as it was during the pandemic and the first class of its kind. I wanted to meet like-minded people that defy the “stoner” stereotypes. The connections and relationships that can be made through this program enables a culture of continued community and resources.

What did you expect going into the course? I was truly unsure of what to expect, the Ganjier program was brand new and it was still becoming what it is, and I look forward to what it will be.

What did you find? I found a group of inviting people that became friends. This is not just a program, it is an experience.

Was there a game-changing/“Aha” moment for you during the course? My live training session, we did a SAP with Swami and he explained the history of the plant we were consuming, as we consumed it. It was an elevated and enlightening experience.

What skills/knowledge/philosophy have you been able to take away and apply to your cannabis career? The ability to ask questions to others in different areas of cannabis has been tremendously helpful. Further, Sun-Grown is how I want my medicine!

What impact/effect did the Ganjier training have on your cannabis career/future? I am using my skillset to help clients and to question the laws, and those who are seeking to use the cannabis laws as a weapon against the people. I will also never be able to consume cannabis the same way, my relationship with the cannabis plant has grown exponentially.

To those considering the course, what advice would you give?  Do it! If you are that person at the party who is always talking about cannabis, then you will fit in here!


“I’ve been training to become a Ganjier and I must say, this is an awesome experience that is truly helping me understand aspects of cannabis in greater detail. It is important to keep learning and growing.”

This past year, I started a journey to becoming a certified ganjier. It was an amazing and challenging experience. I got to learn from some of the most knowledgeable cannabis experts, and professionals, that share a love for the cannabis plant. I am proud to announce that I made the trip to Humboldt in Dec 2021 and came back a Certified Ganjier. Thanks to all who are a part of the Ganjier! Words cannot express my gratitude for the experience…and it is only the beginning! CDM LAW – a law firm with a Certified Ganjier!”

Ganjier graduates encompass a wide spectrum of fields, from medicine, law and policy to cultivation, manufacturing and tech. Whether you’re looking to enter the industry or enhance your career, Ganjier equips you with the cannabis skills, knowledge, assessment ability and service acumen to get you there.

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