Ganjier Pro File – Dwayne Bisson

I am a cultivator, consumer, educator and, most importantly, a student of cannabis. This course is such an amazing opportunity for all of us to ensure we are shaping the course of excellence in cannabis around the world. I have already incorporated some of the information in my materials and it has really helped me make some solid changes within our organization. Thank you Ganjier.”

Name: Dwayne Bisson | Certified Ganjier

Location: Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

Ganjier Class: 2021

Current Position: Manager, Sales & Education | Reef Organic 

What was your primary motivation for joining the cannabis field?To gain a more comprehensive understanding of cannabis from seed to sale, and to improve my sensory exploration knowledge.

Why did you choose the Ganjier program? Learning from the world’s leading experts was a once in a lifetime experience.

Did you have any expectations going into the course? I did not have major expectations and felt I was in good hands given the level of expertise shared amongst the instructors. My goal was to listen, remain humble, and gain as much experience and knowledge as possible.

What did you find? I found a level of cannabis professionalism I had not experienced before. The sense of community, sharing, and support was all around. Having the chance to visit California, meet the pros, train and practice with them was something I will never forget. The overall sense of community is growing stronger even after the course as the students are some of the most passionate I have encountered.

Was there a game-changing or “Aha” moment for you during the course? Yes. Interpreting the COA & Decoding Terpenes with Josh Wurzer. I have been analyzing COA information for a few years now and it was game changing when Josh started to discuss classification of terpenes from the 120,000 samples SC Labs tested. It was fascinating to learn the combinations of terpenes and what essences those combinations produce.

What impact did the Ganjier training have on your cannabis career/future? Ganjier has had a huge impact on my cannabis career. Since Ganjier, I have been asked by organizations to train their staff, motivate students taking cannabis courses, analyze cannabis products, appear on podcasts, and participate and speak at conferences.

To those considering the Ganjier Program, what advice would you give? My advice is to take Ganjier immediately. Learning from the world’s leading experts, and becoming a part of a movement to change the face of cannabis education globally does not present itself often. The class is filled with students from all walks of life, many of which are currently working in the cannabis industry. Becoming a part of this community will open you up to a world of opportunity. Ganjiers support Ganjiers and work together to lift each other to the next level!

Quotes & Praise

“After visiting Humboldt County for my Ganjier Certification, I was humbled by the sense of community, sustainability, the importance of organic growing, and the difference that purpose in cultivation makes in the final product. You can literally feel the love in the product.

It makes me happy to know my company follows similar mantras and takes the time and money to ensure we produce sustainable, quality products, in an industry that may not truly understand the benefits of this ethos.” – Dwayne Bisson


“Kudos and Congratulations to Dwayne Bisson, our Retail and Education Manager for earning the coveted Ganjier Certification. 

In the tradition of the wine sommelier, cigar aficionado, or master chocolatier, Ganjier is a first-of-its-kind, rigorous, multi-tiered cannabis sommelier certification created and taught by the most respected names in the field.

If you’ve met Dwayne you know his passion for the plant is inspiring. He brings a wealth of knowledge to our product development team and Budtenders rave about his engaging and insightful PK sessions. We’re grateful to have him as part of the Reef Organic team. Please join us in congratulating Dwayne on this incredible milestone!”  Reef Organic

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