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Mel Frank Teaches The Botany of the Cannabis Plant Exclusively for Ganjier


Mel Frank is a legendary cultivator, botanist, and author. Mel literally wrote the book on cannabis cultivation with his seminal bestseller The Marijuana Grower’s Insider’s Guide, and he was inducted into the Cannabis Breeders Hall of Fame in 2019. Mel’s award-winning photos, publications, and cultivation techniques span several decades and have become the cornerstone of knowledge for any solid cannabis education. 

Mel Frank Teaches The Botany of the Cannabis Plant

In this course, Mel Frank teaches the foundations of cannabis botany. He will identify and discuss various parts of the cannabis plant – offering instruction on using proper terminology when referencing the plant. He will also teach you how to differentiate male from female plants as well as the basic mechanics of sexual propagation. Lastly, Mel will explain the different types of morphological and chemotype-based classifications that are used to organize the cannabis plant.

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A Conversation with Mel Frank

Why do you think it’s important to establish a common standardized language in the cannabis industry? Any specific examples that stand out to you most?

The Cannabis industry regularly uses scientific and common usage terms. Both need to be standardized for clarity, so we can come to agreement on what is being said. All cannabis workers need to be fluent in both.

Using scientific terms incorrectly signifies a lack of proper training, while incorrect use of terms common to the industry implies lack of experience. When looking for a position in the industry, fluency or lack thereof, is the first indication to an employer of your readiness for a position. 

For a common example, incorrectly using the term calyx in place of the correct term bract, implies that you have familiarity with cannabis, but no scientific training, and you may qualify only for an entry level position despite your experience.

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