Nikki Lastreto Teaches Artfully Executed Cannabis Service Exclusively for Ganjier


Originally a journalist for The San Francisco Chronicle and KRON-TV, Nikki Lastreto left to travel the world. Nikki ultimately settled back in Mendocino California, where she and Swami Chaitanya founded their iconic Swami Select cannabis brand. As a proponent of living soil, regenerative cultivation methods, and sustainable practices to produce organic craft cannabis, Nikki’s discerning eye and palate have made her a well-known judge at the Emerald Cup and other major cannabis competitions.

Nikki Lastreto Teaches Artfully Executed Cannabis Service

Join Nikki Lastreto as she lays out how to provide next-level customer service for your clients in the cannabis industry. Cannabis has developed its own unique culture and language; however, if cannabis is going to be successful in the mainstream, people in the community are going to have to do a good job of welcoming people in and showing them the ropes. 

Creating a standardized language for cannabis is a great place to start, but cannabis is more than just language. In this course, you will learn techniques that will help you steward cannabis in a way that makes it accessible to your clients as well as understand what it looks like to practically help people through their cannabis journey. 

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A Conversation with Nikki Lastreto

Why did you join the Ganjier Council? Why do you think the Ganjier is important?

It is such an honor to have been invited to join the Ganjier Council. The collection of members is superb, and, when we discuss cannabis, the passion is palpable! This passion is what we all want to share with upcoming Ganjiers – to help break down old cannabis stigmas and encourage the understanding of being a true cannabis connoisseur.

In regards to what you specifically covered in the Ganjier curriculum, why do you think this knowledge is important for the Ganjier and the health of the cannabis industry?

My primary topic was cannabis etiquette, which I feel is super important to the presentation and image we need to project around this plant and how to “serve” her to the public. Cannabis is still a delicate subject to some people, so a diplomatic and compassionate manner must be developed by the Ganjier.

Why do you feel it’s important for people to understand how to assess the true quality of cannabis flower and concentrates? What benefits does this provide to the industry?

As a judge in the Emerald Cup since it began in 2003, this clearly means a whole lot to me. To understand and truly appreciate a fine cannabis flower for all of her qualities – such as visual, aroma, taste, and effects (both medical and inspirational) – is a true joy! It is kin to appreciating a fine painting or piece of music. By elevating the entire experience, we create a more satisfied and curious clientele – people who will feel they really know cannabis in a special way.

To you, what are some of the most important nuances and elements of truly high-quality cannabis?

A complicated nose and flavor that is delicious and makes me want to make it into perfume. A sophisticated high that opens my consciousness!

Why do you think it’s important to establish a common standardized language in the cannabis industry? Any specific examples that stand out to you most?

So Important! For example, using “cultivar” instead of “strain” or “cannabis” instead of “marijuana.” Although I admit I still say “weed” a lot! Creating language around anything gives it substance and a uniformity that makes it universal.

How do you think The Systematic Assessment Tool (SAP) will have an impact on the cannabis industry? Are there any parts of The SAP you find most valuable or beneficial?

The SAP method is excellent! We’ve been working on perfecting judging cannabis for 17 years via The Emerald Cup, and SAP is even more precise and detailed. Considering the brilliant minds on the council, I feel every nuance has been included. 

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