Ganjier Cannabis Sommelier Certification Program

You can take the First Step in April

We see that even though you applied for the Ganjier Certification Pathway and you were accepted into the Program, your circumstances have changed and you no longer plan to sign up for this first inaugural class.

No problem! In April 2021, we will be allowing a limited number of people to sign up for the “Ganjier First Step”, which will include just the online training materials + the SAP App for $697.

Please note, you will lose priority access to the in-person training, and the Certified Ganjier exams for 2021.

That said, we have automatically added you to the interest list for that First Step, and will send you an email the moment that’s ready for you.

If there’s anything else you need in the meantime, just get in contact and let us know.

Thank you for your interest and desire in becoming an architect of cannabis taste, culture, and standards of excellence for this plant and industry.

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