Cannabis Sommelier Certification Program

“A Ganjier is a cannabis culturalist… someone skilled and versed in all things involving cannabis, not just the consumption of it, but also the ability to take this information and transfer it to other people in order to develop an appreciation of the craft and the product to help further and develop the industry as we move forward.”

– Kevin Jodrey, Renowned Cultivator, Breeder & Founding Member of The Ganjier Council

GANJIER: A Cannabis Sommelier Certification Program, Created & Taught By The Most Respected Names In The Field

Dedicated to elevating and celebrating the art, science & enjoyment of cannabis consumption, connoisseurship and service, Ganjier is creating an entirely new class of cannabis professional – The Cannabis Sommelier.

“Do you want to be at the top of your game? Are you still using antiquated terms with little value like ‘Fire, Sativa, Indica’? Why not educate yourself and elevate above word of mouth! The Ganjier course and Systematic Assessment Protocol are by far the most involved and in-depth cannabis courses/tools I have come across.”

– Daniel K., Industry Professional & Ganjier Student

A rigorous, multi-faceted, expert-led cannabis training like no other, Ganjier consists of online training, comprehensive skill assessment and live, hands-on instruction, designed and conducted by 18 of the preeminent experts and artisans in the field encompassing: history, genetics, cultivation, processing, consumption, service and more.


As cannabis emerges rapidly into the mainstream, a diverse new array of products and applications are entering the marketplace. At the same time, there is a void of knowledge and a lack of sophistication – even among cannabis veterans – when it comes to quality, flavor, and understanding effect profiles.

Currently, there is no consistent, established guide or standard of quality to help consumers navigate the myriad choices, products, and consumption methods right for them.

At the forefront of this void…enter, the Ganjier.

Analogous to the wine sommelier, beer cicerone or cigar catador, the Ganjier is equal parts deft aficionado and interpretive liaison – schooled in the intricacies of terroir and terpenes – serving as a conduit between cannabis and consumer from farm to flame, navigating complexities and elevating user experience.

“I cannot tell you how long it’s been since I’ve learned genuinely new information about cannabis. This could be a master course with tons of PhD work! It’s the single most comprehensive course load for literally all things cannabis I’ve encountered. So proud to be part of the first Ganjier class.”

– Terrance P., 2021 Ganjier Candidate

The result—distilled from insight only decades of experience can produce—is a rigorous, one year cannabis sommelier course, consisting of online training, live, expert-led instruction on cannabis assessment and in-person final assessment exams.

All Certified Ganjier Students Receive The Following:

The Systematic Assessment Protocol (SAP) App:

A mobile tool to accurately assess to the true quality of cannabis flower and concentrates.

The Ganjier Terpene Kit:

An aromatic tool kit to train your nose to accurately recognize the most common terpenes in cannabis

The Ganjier Jeweler’s Loupe:

To properly assess the visual aspects of cannabis flower and concentrates.


Led by the cannabis industry’s most respected and brilliant minds, spanning over six decades of experience and disciplines ranging from cultivation to chemistry to commerce, the Ganjier Council was established to guide, validate, and endorse the accuracy, validity, and rigor of the Ganjier® Certification Program.


The Ganjier Certification Process


The Ganjier: A New Class of Cannabis Professional
(Cannabis Now Magazine, August 8th, 2021)


Adam Summers
(708) 223-2336


“Attention Every Budtender! This should be on your curriculum for the year PERIOD. Step up your game and catch up to the industry.”

– Ryan A, 2021 Ganjier Candidate

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