Ganjier Pro File – Elizabeth Rice

“I was born in Mendocino, California, so cannabis has always been a part of my DNA.”

Name: Elizabeth Rice | Executive MBA | Certified Ganjier

Location: California

Ganjier Class: 2021

Current Position: Sales Director, Curaleaf 

Previous Position: Wine Sales


“I spent 20 years doing International Sales for a leading global wine company which prepared me for the volatility of the cannabis industry.  After 20 years peddling wine internationally, I decided it was time to move into my true passion… cannabis.

I love the plant, in all its forms – but I lacked a formal and/or complete knowledge-based understanding of how best to describe and teach others about the plant. All of my knowledge was from personal experience and reading/observing industry trends.

I wanted to add to my skill sets of organizational management and policy advocacy specific to cannabis by rounding out my personal experience with the plant with additional professional development and education.

In my effort – both personally and professionally – to professionalize and normalize cannabis, I want to greatly expand my own knowledge.

I was honored to earn my Ganjier certification last November. The program brought my knowledge to new heights where I now am able to accurately converse and even educate on this amazing plant. 

I am now the Director of Sales in California for the largest cannabis company in the world and loving it. It’s stressful, exhausting, but invigorating and exciting. 

The Ganjier program has only just begun as there are more levels and more experiences to be had. Excited to continue on this journey together. Thank you!”


“I just completed my Live Ganjier training last week and it was one of the most rewarding experiences ever. If you have not discovered the Ganjier program, I highly recommend you check it out.”

“Amazing experience, Ganjier live training. The trip to Sunnabis farms was a huge highlight especially as a crop is almost ready to harvest! Forever grateful!”

Like many of the executives who enroll in the Ganjier Program, Elizabeth was looking to not only edify her own professional cannabis knowledge and skill sets, but also those of her staff and colleagues, which she does now on a weekly basis, imparting lessons from her training during sales meetings with Curaleaf employees.

Whether you’re looking to enter the industry, score your dream gig, or enhance your current career, Ganjier provides the knowledge, tools, experts and connections to help get you there. 

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