Ganjier ProFile: Cannabis Cowboy

Cowboy Cup Cannabis Competition CEO and Certified Ganjier Daniel Lewis

Name: Daniel Lewis | CEO | Certified Ganjier

Location: Stillwater, OK

Ganjier Graduating Class: June, 2022

Favorite Cultivar(s): Rainbow Pie, Trainwreck, Zkittles

What was your position before joining the Ganjier Certification Program? Before starting the Cowboy Cup, I went from Construction Engineer to Commercial Construction Superintendent, where I built several of the buildings around Stillwater, Oklahoma including elementary schools, university buildings, and even Payne County Jail. In 2014, I left the commercial construction world and started my own construction company focusing on residential homes and remodels.

What is it now? I am the “THCEO” of The Cowboy Cup, Oklahoma’s premier cannabis championship.

What was your primary motivation for joining the cannabis field? I’ve always been into weed. First, just recreationally, but have found great medical benefits from it in my later years. My old man always told me, “If you find a job you enjoy, you’ll never work a day in your life,” well, I’ve found that job.  

Why did you choose the Ganjier program? [Ganjier Instructor] Patrick King got us all in touch. He has been to my event for a few years now, and we have become friends. The Cowboy Cup / Ganjier partnership is really neat for several reasons; For me, it allows me to showcase our promise to Oklahoma that our competition is fair and unbiased. This year, we have had so many great entries. I’m betting there are 5 or 6 that are the best I’ve ever seen flower-wise and we still haven’t picked up the Sun-Grown flower yet. The Certified Ganjiers are arguably the best equipped to handle the amount of scrutiny that it takes to pick the best of the best.  

What did you expect going into this course? To gain knowledge of the history of cannabis, network, and to further train my ability to judge and grade competition-grade cannabis.

What did you find? Exactly that. I really enjoyed my time with the Council. I also enjoyed meeting all of the students and building relationships with them.

 What impact did the Ganjier training have on your cannabis career/future? It allows me to better define my competition grading scales in order to create the most comprehensive cannabis championship possible.

 To those considering the Ganjier course, what advice would you give? It’s definitely a worthwhile program. While daunting, it really makes you look at cannabis in a different light. So many things to consider.

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