Ganjier ProFile: California Cannabis Culturalist

Name: Kelly Valentine

Location: South Lake Tahoe, CA

Ganjier Graduating Class: September, 2021

Favorite Cultivar(s):

There are so many beautiful ladies that it is difficult to choose just one, but there have definitely been some standouts that I have come across since I started my Ganjier training. Some of the outstanding cultivars are Whitethorn Rose grown by Huckleberry Hills Farms, Gushers grown by Emerald Queen Farms, Runtz grown by Ridgeline Farms, and 5 Alive grown by Lit House.

What was your position before joining Ganjier?

Processing Department General Manager and Supply Chain Flower Inventory Manager at SISU Extracts/ The Parent Company.

In this position, I was able to inspect and grade close to 200,000 lbs of cannabis to prepare it for the California market. A good 85% of this flower was from the Emerald Triangle, with most of it grown by Legacy, Small Batch Farmers.

What is it now?

Sales Manager at Embarc Tahoe


What was your primary motivation for joining the cannabis field?

When I first got into the cannabis space in the mid 90’s, I was fascinated with the idea of growing my own medicine. That evolved into helping others access clean, well cared for cannabis. I fell in love with cultivating and enjoyed my time with the ladies in the garden. Cannabis is such a fascinating plant that has so many different expressions and having that intimate relationship with each plant helps form an understanding that no book can provide. The joy of growing was dimmed by a few encounters with Law Enforcement. I took some time away from cannabis to keep my family and myself safe.

When Rec passed in California, I decided I wanted to come back to my passion. As much as I wanted to get back into cultivation, it just wasn’t possible for my current circumstances. Starting my second act within the cannabis space, I chose to put my focus on finding work where I could look at a lot of pretty flower. As I move into my third act, I do so with more knowledge and experience under my belt to better guide others. I am motivated to continue my journey with cannabis with each new experience with this beautiful plant that touches so many people in such a broad way.  

Why did you choose the Ganjier program?

I first heard the term “Ganjier” from Kevin Jodrey years ago, and knew that it was something I wanted to aspire to become. I followed the evolution of the concept through some of Kevin’s projects and was so excited to see the announcement that it was going to become a tangible education that would compliment my years of experience within the cannabis space.Becoming a “Cannabis Culturalist” was the next logical step on my journey within the cannabis space.


What did you expect going into this course?

After seeing the Ganjier Council that had been chosen to put together this program, I knew it was going to be a very high level, legitimate cannabis training. So many of the council members have been supporting and educating the community for decades. Seeing them come together to combine their knowledge and experience for this program, it seemed like the ideal training for someone that wanted to elevate their understanding of the breadth and depth of the cannabis plant.

What did you find?

I found a wonderful deep dive into all things cannabis. I found a council of fantastic humans that have helped me on my path, that have become mentors and dear friends. I found a broader community of people from all walks of life and corners of the world that share a similar passion and love for cannabis. I have found support and guidance to help navigate the exhilarating rollercoaster ride that the cannabis industry tends to be. 

What skills/knowledge/philosophy have you been able to take away and apply to your cannabis career?

The Ganjier training is helping me to help others on their cannabis journey. I have a broader knowledge of the science and history behind the plant and a common language to help others understand it as well. As I continue on my career path, I work to educate myself on the ever evolving product selection within the market. The training I have received will help me better understand the product, the process behind it, and the level of quality. With this understanding, I will be able to help others find the best cannabis option for their individual needs. 

What impact did the Ganjier training have on your cannabis future?

The Ganjier training has helped me to solidify my cannabis knowledge after years of hands-on experience with the plant and its many forms of consumption and use. The biggest surprise impact has been the Ganjier community that has formed from this shared passion and love for the plant and the culture. We are a diverse community, but we come together in fellowship to expand our knowledge and understanding of a plant that has touched all of our lives in such a powerful way.

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