Ganjier ProFile: The Perfect Pairing

I am amazed at the difference in respect I get from people, both in the cannabis industry and outside of it, by carrying the prestigious title of Certified Ganjier. Having the Ganjier Certification has given me a solid foundation to build and grow my business from.”


Name: Sarah Jane Bergman

Location: Santa Rosa, California

Ganjier Graduating Class: December, 2021


Favorite Cultivar: 

Really that’s tough to narrow down to only one. Currently, my favorites have been TK Pebbles (Pheno that washes and actually has that nostalgic sweet OG gas), Honey Banana, Tractor Fuel, and an old 707 Headband pheno, and one can never get enough Zkittlez or Zkittlez dominant phenos!!!


What was your position before joining Ganjier?  

I am in a unique situation versus a lot of other people who join the Ganjier program, because I was already establishing myself as a Hash Sommelier. I was coming from a background in social media and modeling, and combining that with over 13+ years in the Cannabis industry to basically create my own role and a new type of job – the Hash Sommelier. I had worked very hard to create and define my role. When I first heard of the Ganjier Program I was elated that there was a program coming out that would give me some serious credentials for the role I had created for myself. I knew I had to get in on it.


What is it now?  

I am still the Hash Sommelier, but I proudly wear the title of Certified Ganjier at Hash Sommelier – a winning combination in my book! My business is quickly expanding and is gaining new interest with people worldwide. I am amazed at the difference in respect I get from people both in the cannabis industry and outside of it by carrying the prestigious title of Certified Ganjier. Before my certification I got respect from those who knew me, but it was always a constant battle to prove my knowledge and abilities to people who did not know me or only knew me from my previous work. Having the Ganjier Certification has given me a solid foundation to build and grow my business from.


What was your primary motivation for joining the cannabis field? 

Cannabis – more specifically hash and dabs – have always been my passion. I wanted to work with what I was most passionate about and to share that passion with other people in terms that would make them able to appreciate it in a similar manner.


Why did you choose the Ganjier program? 

It was no brainer – I chose the Ganjier program for myself after hearing about it because the program aligned perfectly with my career trajectory. Additionally, I have respect for the instructors in the program, many of whom have been friends or peers from the industry whom I have known for a number of years.


What did you expect going into this course?

I expected to learn more about cannabis, the industry, how it operates, and how to reach a consensus on grading flower and concentrates.


What did you find? 

The Ganjier program has really helped me to be better prepared in how I operate my business. In addition to learning more about Cannabis, its history, running a cannabis business, streamlining our flower and concentrate grading, I found an amazing and truly supportive community that I am truly grateful to be a part of. The Ganjier Council members are very involved with the Ganjier graduates supporting our careers post-graduation. And we have a very supportive community within the Certified Ganjiers, with numerous continuing study groups and pages to highlight one another’s achievements. It’s a great feeling to have such a wide network of support and such a loving and engaging community! 


Was there a game-changing, “A-ha” moment for you during the course? 

There were several, actually – a few things I learned in the courses helped me to fill in the blanks within my own understanding of how Terpenes function and how to apply that to my own teaching and experiments.


What skills/knowledge/philosophy have you been able to take away and apply to your cannabis career?

In addition to integrating more Terpene knowledge to my teachings, I learned I need to spend more time accessing a wider range of products and not only things at the top shelf to give me a better picture of what’s available within the entire industry. It’s hard to truly appreciate the best products if you haven’t suffered through the worst and have limited knowledge of the middle. I now look at it as, “There’s something for everyone” meaning that having a vast knowledge of all products is important to be able to accommodate any customer that comes to me rather than only the ones on the top end. And with the economy the way it is right now, I know that was the right move. 


What impact did the Ganjier training have on your cannabis career/future?  

With my Ganjier certification, I feel I have more direction and better insight as to how I should operate my Hash Sommelier business. In addition, it has given me credibility. Since becoming a Certified Ganjier, I have been asked to judge more competitions – including joining several of the Ganjier council members to judge the prestigious Emerald Cup. I have been asked to speak on panels all over the world to talk about my career and the Ganjier program. I am getting interviewed regularly and more companies are reaching out wanting to work with me. It has really given my career the jump start that I was hoping it would.


To those considering the course, what advice would you give?

Becoming a Certified Ganjier was a wise investment for my future. It has added to my credibility and opened up new doors that I didn’t even know existed prior to joining the program. When you become a Ganjier, you are also joining a positive community that continues to support one another. The Ganjier program allows you to take your passion for cannabis to the next level and teaches you skills to grow your business for years to come.



“Last December, I teamed up with Cold Curated and Chef Spencer Hochman to create an amazing dab pairing dinner event! Everything came together perfectly to give our guests the fine dining and dab experience they have always dreamed of! I enjoyed working to create some delicious Terp pairings for our guests. I am looking forward to doing more events like this, so I can bring my Terp pairings and dab bar to more people in more places.”


“I’m so excited to announce that this year, for the first time, I will be judging the Emerald Cup. This is a huge honor, something I have wanted for a while now as the Emerald Cup is the most prestigious cannabis competition in the US, possibly even in the world! I can’t wait to try all the entries!!!”


Whether you’re looking to acquire the cannabis skills and knowledge to score your dream career or take your current position to the next level, Ganjier has the experts, access and experience to take you there.

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