Why Ganjier Is For The Cannabis Lover

Why Ganjier Is For The Cannabis Lover

Maybe you really enjoy the craft that is behind high-quality cannabis, and you’ll go out of your way to make sure you’re getting the best possible experience from your cannabis. 

So, if you are someone that adores great cannabis and wants to expand your appreciation for the plant, Ganjier can help make that happen! In this program, you will not only have the truly unique opportunity to learn from some of the most qualified and experienced cannabis experts on the planet, you will also be joining a community of fellow cannabis enthusiasts that are dedicated to elevating the conversation around cannabis quality.

Let’s take a look at how Ganjier can help you grow your passion for cannabis.

Learn The Story of Cannabis Evolution

To better understand the defining characteristics of quality cannabis, you need to understand the story of cannabis. Where did cannabis come from? How has cannabis evolved over time? What has been the human impact on the plant? 

The answers to these questions make up the framework of modern cannabis plants and, therefore, serve as the jumping off point for the Ganjier program.

In The History of Cannabis and Cannabis Consumption course, our instructors draw from decades of research to give you a working history of the cannabis plant. These lectures are designed to give you the background story of cannabis – shedding light on the environmental and societal pressures that formed cannabis over the centuries. 

The course begins with Frenchy Cannoli guiding you through the origins and migration of the cannabis plant, and he wraps up with a detailed explanation of the ancient methods used to process its resin. Swami Chaitanya follows with a lecture that focuses on the practical and spiritual uses of the plant, and the course ends with Dr. Amanda Reiman exploring the history of cannabis prohibition and its re-entry into mainstream society. 

In following courses (Unraveling the Mysteries of Cannabis Genetics and The Art and Science of Cannabis Cultivation), you will learn about the history and evolution of the cannabis gene pool as well as the different cultivation techniques that are/were used. These sections highlight the human influence on the plant and how quality characteristics are produced through the cultivation process. 

In short, modern cannabis did not happen by accident. It not only looks different than it did hundreds of years ago, it looks very different now than it did forty years ago. Humanity had a huge part in the evolution of the plant. It’s important to understand how that has affected modern products and quality standards. These courses will teach you how we got here. 

Learn The Science of Cannabis

Science just doesn’t supply information about cannabis, it also serves as a common language for us to talk about cannabis. 

For example, if you want to have a serious talk about the physical and chemical characteristics that define quality cannabis, you are going to need to know the names of the parts of the plant you are talking about. In The Botany of the Cannabis Plant, Mel Frank gives you the language to talk about the cannabis plant. 

Building on this language, Frenchy Cannoli takes a closer look at the most prized part of the cannabis plant – the trichomes. In this section, Frenchy lays out the structure, function, and chemistry of the trichomes and identifies the physical characteristics that make up high quality trichomes. 

After taking this course, you will be able to talk about the cannabis plant with precision, but the conversation around quality does not end here. We still have to talk about how quality is experienced in the effects of cannabis. 

In Understanding the Science of Cannabis, Dr. Jeffrey Raber and Josh Wurzer teach on how cannabis creates effects in the consumer. From understanding the different ways of processing and consuming, to understanding how different combinations of terpenes and cannabinoids can affect the outcome of the experience, this course gives you the framework to talk about the quality of a product’s chemistry. 

After taking this course, the labels of cannabis products will start to look a lot more interesting. Instead of simply making sure that a product has over 20% THC, you will pay more attention to things like terpene profile and harvest date. 

Most cannabis consumers aren’t going to have access to lab equipment to test the chemistry of their products. Being able to understand the relationship between the compounds listed on a label/lab report and the experience of the product goes a long way in evaluating the quality of a product. 

Ganjier teaches you what quality looks like in cannabis and how it feels. 

The Most Exciting Part of Ganjier: The Systematic Assessment Protocol™ 

Probably the most exciting part of the Ganjier program for the avid consumer is learning how to accurately assess cannabis flowers and concentrate using the Systematic Assessment Protocol™ (The SAP). 

The result of hundreds of hours of collaboration between our Ganjier Council who collectively hold over 600 years of cannabis consumption experience, the SAP is a tool designed to walk you step-by-step through the evaluation process for grading cannabis. 

In this training, Madame Cannoli will teach you how to train your palate to decipher excellence in cannabis products. Swami Chaitanya lectures on the four categories for grading quality in cannabis flower. Frenchy Cannoli covers understanding quality standards in traditional hashish, and Nikka T teaches you how to evaluate quality in cannabis concentrates as well as how to evaluate the experience cannabis produces. 

Then you will get access to our signature SAP App, which is a tool that allows you to walk through this grading protocol anytime you want to evaluate a new flower or concentrate, allowing you to get a clear measure of the quality, taste, and experience of everything you consume. 

In short, this part of the training gives the cannabis lover the unique opportunity to learn from some of the best cannabis producers and judges in the business, and then put that learning directly into effect using The SAP App tool. 

It’s Time to Recognize & Appreciate The World’s Finest Cannabis

Most people understand that there are grades of quality when it comes to things like wine, coffee, cheese, and more.

But up until now, most people are not familiar with the characteristics that define quality in cannabis, which is unfortunate. Like a sculptor working with clay, a great cultivator or extractor can use their decades of experience and collected wisdom to form a product that is truly special. 

YES, there is a lot that goes into creating a quality cannabis product!!

It’s high time that the world is offered clearer guidance on how to recognize true cannabis quality, so cannabis aficionados may fully appreciate the finer qualities and nuances of the craft products being produced by the industry’s finest artisans.

Make sure you sign up for the interest list for details on how to become a Certified Ganjier. Applications to apply are currently closed but will open again in the near future for people on the interest list.

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