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Alec Dixon Teaches Unraveling the Mysteries of Cannabis Genetics Exclusively for Ganjier


Alec Dixon is a Co-Founder of SC Labs. SC Labs was responsible for developing the cannabis industry’s first testing standards – guidelines that have been widely adopted by the cannabis community, regulators, governments, and a host of other top organizations. As Director of Client Relations, he relies on his many years of experience as a successful sales consultant in the hydroponic industry. 

Alec’s professional background, combined with his service in the US Navy, has also contributed to successes in his other role as Outreach Director for Veterans for Medical Marijuana. 

Alec Dixon Teaches Unraveling the Mysteries of Cannabis Genetics

Alec Dixon takes us on an “Olfactory Odyssey” where he’ll explain the value of chemometric classification. In this course, Alex identifies the predominant terpene classes in contemporary cannabis cultivars and walks you through the unique effects that are associated with each classification. 

Lastly, we’ll explore the critical role that terpene content plays in the assessment of cannabis harvest and batch quality. After taking this course, you will understand the connection between the aroma and effect of cannabis cultivars, how that relates to quality, and how you can guide clients to better experiences with this knowledge.

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