Nikka T Teaches Processing Methodology, Assessing Flowers & Concentrates, & Contemporary Consumption Options Exclusively for Ganjier

Nick Tanem (aka “Nikka T”) is a multi-award winning hash master who has won over a dozen Cannabis Cup awards for his potent solventless hash. Following his love for cannabis, he traveled to Amsterdam as a young man to learn hash-making methodology from legendary crafters, and, having returned to the States, he continues to grow and improve on those techniques.

Nick Tanem (aka “Nikka T”) is a multi-award winning concentrate master who has won over a dozen Cannabis Cup awards with his potent and flavorful solventless creations.  Following his love for cannabis, he traveled to Amsterdam as a young man to learn hash-making methodology from legendary crafters, and, having returned to the States, he continues to grow and improve on those techniques.

These days, he continues his mission of traveling worldwide to teach those who want to learn more about the art of solventless creations.  When he’s not working the cannabis event circuit or with patients, he spends his time continuing to innovate – a passion that resulted in the creation of Essential Extracts, the first legal solventless concentrate company in the US.

Nick Tanem Teaches Cannabis Processing Methodology, Assessing Flowers & Concentrates, and Contemporary Consumption Options

Allow this passionate artist to walk you through everything you ever wanted to know about solventless concentrates and expand your mind with a wealth of wisdom you didn’t even know you needed.  Extending over three different courses, Nick Tanem teaches the process of making solventless products – defining terms and production methods, how to maximize your enjoyment while consuming, and what to look for when assessing the quality of solventless concentrates.

From understanding how to consume cannabis to understanding the intricate details that go into its production, Nikka T shines a light on the craft that goes into making truly amazing cannabis products.

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A Conversation with Nick Tanem

Why did you join the Ganjier Council? Why do you think the Ganjier is important?

I was impressed with the platform and super appreciative of the offer to join my mentors and peers in what would be the most authentic and professional program to date! We need standardization and true quality control in the space. Ganjier will provide that.

In regards to what you specifically covered in the Ganjier curriculum, why do you think this knowledge is important for the Ganjier and the health of the cannabis industry?

I covered a few things from contemporary consumption to solventless processing and methodology. Consumption guidance is key in a new industry where everyone is learning daily! Being able to prepare your own cannabis and concentrates for your own personal consumption is necessary for those who need it. We went over everything from joint rolling, blunt rolling, hash joint rolling, spliffs, dabs and even steaming!!! The info in the steaming section is priceless and not a lot of people know about steaming and the health benefits associated with it.

As far as processing goes, we believe that the consumer should be educated on how the products have been produced. I go over everything from safety protocols and precautions to what we look for in our starting material and what to avoid. Going through these steps assure the customer and clientele know the detail and precision extract artists like myself take adhere to.

Why do you feel it’s important for people to understand how to assess the true quality of cannabis flower and concentrates? What benefits does this provide to the industry?

First and foremost standardization in practice and assessment. This promotes higher quality standards in our industry. It educates consumers on what to look for and what to avoid when purchasing and consuming products. It will start to weed out the bad products in the market.

To you, what are some of the most important nuances and elements of truly high-quality cannabis?

When it comes to flowers, I am looking for terpene representation, proper dry and cure, bud structure, the high, and the flush.

For concentrates, I am looking for stability, terpene retention, representation of the flower it came from, and the potency.

Why do you think it’s important to establish a common standardized language in the cannabis industry? Any specific examples that stand out to you most?

Getting everyone on the same page. When we use the different terms for the same product it gets confusing for processors and consumers alike. Standardization across the board is key for the future of our industry and professionalism. The term “hash” has been discussed a ton recently. Defining it in a glossary of terms along with other nomenclature will be key to the success of the industry as a whole.

How do you think The Systematic Assessment Tool (SAP) will have an impact on the cannabis industry? Are there any parts of The SAP you find most valuable or beneficial?

Standardization. As I’ve worked on a ton of the judging panels for various events and competitions, the coolest part for me is the proposed use of the SAP for all cups or competitions to ensure everyone is judged with the same categories and scale across the board throughout the world.

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