Welcome to Ganjier!

Whether you’re an existing or aspiring cannabis professional, or you’re a cannabis aficionado, by enrolling in the Certified Ganjier program, you have confirmed your commitment to elevating your knowledge, skills, and appreciation of cannabis. We’re thrilled you’re here!

Moving forward, within 48 hours of enrollment, you will receive:

  • Your login credentials to the Certified Ganjier Online Training.
    Here, you will find every course of the Certified Ganjier online curriculum expert-led by the Ganjier Council, spanning every facet necessary to equip you with knowledge to confidently serve your role as a Ganjier. This comprehensive Program is almost 40+ hours of training, so you will want to carve out some dedicated time to really absorb all this learning and information.
  • Access to the Ganjier Systematic Assessment Protocol™ app.
    This is a signature tool we’ve built at Ganjier to help you accurately assess the true quality of cannabis flower and concentrates. Not only is it a ton of fun, but it’s also how you will learn to decipher what makes for true quality in cannabis. This app will be available for both mobile and desktop use.
  • Live Training dates.
    We will release the dates for you to book your 2-day in-person training in Northern California where you will practice the assessment methodologies live. Remember, the SAP app is a tool, and to realize its full potential will require you to practice and train, which is why the hands-on training is so important to develop your palette, nose, and understanding of the factors that influence cannabis quality. We are currently planning to offer one session in June and three sessions per month beginning in July through the end of the year.*

*Certification Exams registration will be made available to those students who have attended and completed the Live Training. There will be monthly exam dates beginning in August.

So look forward to when the Program officially begins, and get ready to refine your taste, cultivate your palate, elevate your appreciation, and guide others in the art, science and enjoyment of cannabis consumption, taking the cannabis experience to a whole new level by embarking on this remarkable journey… of the Ganjier.

In the meantime, should you have any questions you may reach us at info@ganjier.com

We look forward to seeing you soon,

The Ganjier Team

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