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Become a Master of Cannabis Service®

Cannabis is complex, and people seek it out for various reasons and desired effects. Unfortunately, millions of customers are receiving incorrect, inaccurate, or just plain made-up guidance on which cannabis products to buy, what constitutes true cannabis quality, or how to find the right cannabis products. This often leads to unpleasant user experiences, misinformation, health and safety issues, as well as ongoing stigma for the industry.

The purpose of Ganjier is to be the voice for quality in the cannabis space. As a Master of Cannabis Service, the Ganjier will be educated in the history, science, botany, genetics, cultivation, processing, sales, and consumption of cannabis.  Additionally, the Ganjier will be trained in assessing and grading cannabis flower and concentrate quality using Ganjier’s signature Systematic Assessment Protocol™. But most critically, the Ganjier will be a trusted and reliable guide for the cannabis consumer.


The Roles & Responsibilities of a Certified Ganjier

There are 4 steps to become a Certified Ganjier (CG)

Step 1:

Complete the online courses

The Certified Ganjier Online Training Curriculum

The Ganjier is a certified “Master of Cannabis Service” whose multidisciplinary knowledge and astute professionalism serve to raise the standard of excellence throughout the cannabis industry. This rigorous, advanced, online training includes 10 online courses, 31 lessons, and features all 18 members of the Ganjier Council.

Course #1: The History of Cannabis & Cannabis Consumption


  • In Search of the Origins of Hash with Frenchy Cannoli
  • Spiritual, Mythological, & Historically Practical Uses with Swami Chaitanya
  • Prohibition to Present with Dr. Amanda Reiman

Course #2: The Botany of the Cannabis Plant


  • Foundational Cannabis Botany with Mel Frank
  • Exploring Trichomes with Frenchy Cannoli

Course #3: The Science of Cannabis


  • The Endocannabinoid System and Beyond with Dr. Jeffrey Raber
  • Mythbusting Cannabis with Dr. Amanda Reiman
  • Interpreting the CoA & Decoding Terpenes with Josh Wurzer

Course #4: The Art & Science of Cannabis Cultivation


  • The Splendor of Sungrown with Swami Chaitanya
  • Achieving Quality in Mixed Light & Indoor with Kevin Jodrey  
  • Terroir & Appellations of Origin with Genine Coleman

Course #5: Cannabis Processing Methodology


  • Processing Quality Cannabis with Patrick King
  • Understanding Solvent Based Extracts with Dr. Jeff Raber
  • Defining Solventless Concentrates with Nikka T

Course #6: Unraveling the Mysteries of Cannabis Genetics


  • The Past, Present, & Future of Breeding with Kevin Jodrey
  • Chemotaxonomy – An Olfactory Odyssey with Alec Dixon
  • Deciphering the Role of Terroir with Justin Calvino

Course #7: Accurately Assessing Cannabis Flower & Concentrates - Introduction to the Systematic Assessment Protocol™


  • Developing a Cannabis Palate: The Science of Taste & the Lexicon of Flavor with Madame Cannoli
  • Accurately Assessing Cannabis Flowers with Swami Chaitanya
  • Accurately Assessing Traditional Hashish with Frenchy Cannoli
  • Accurately Assessing Cannabis Concentrates with Nikka T

Course #8: Contemporary Cannabis Consumption Options


  • Savoring Solventless: Then & Now with Nikka T 
  • Topicals, Tinctures, Edibles & More with Wendy Kornberg
  • Traditional & Modern Methods of Enjoying Hashish with Frenchy Cannoli

Course #9: Artfully Executed Cannabis Service


  • Active Listening with Omar Figueroa
  • Maintaining Legal Compliance with Omar Figueroa
  • Introduction to The Consumer Interaction Protocol™ with Dr. Amanda Reiman
  • The Foundations of Etiquette with Nikki Lastreto

Course #10: The Business of Successful Cannabis Sales


  • Curating a Successful Menu with Aaron Varney
  • Managing Inventory with Aaron Varney
  • Sales and Service with Aaron Varney

Download The Online Certified Ganjier Syllabus

Step 2:

Attend the 2-day Live Training Session

While the online portion of the Ganjier curriculum is tailored to provide you with the necessary knowledge to become a successful Ganjier, the Live Training has been designed to equip you with the appropriate skills. Conducted in the heart of the Emerald Triangle (Mendocino, CA) this intensive 2-day training session is a crucial step on your journey towards becoming a Certified Ganjier.


The first half of our initial day of training will focus exclusively on Service. A hallmark of our service training is the Customer Interaction Protocol (CIP). The CIP was developed exclusively for the Ganjier by a team of top cannabis experts, entrepreneurs and artisans to help guide Ganjiers in conversing with consumers; specifically, the questions to ask and information to gather in order to facilitate an optimal experience.  Next, we’ll review the “Demeanor of the Ganjier” to discuss proper attitude, the importance of team education, and techniques for resolving problems with customers.


The balance of the 2-day Live Training session will be dedicated to the art and science of accurately assessing cannabis flowers and concentrates. Each student will receive their very own Ganjier tool kit. The tool kit will include a professional quality, triplet lens jeweler’s loupe, in addition to a specially tailored terpene training kit.

Together, with our instructors, we’ll review each and every aspect of the Systematic Assessment Protocol in detail. You will learn how to properly use your jeweler’s loupe to identify critical visual aspects of cannabis quality. Additionally, we will review and utilize palate training exercises that will assist you in perfecting your ability to detect, identify, and describe the richly detailed world of cannabis aromas and flavors.

Step 3:

Study and Practice

Step 3:

Study and Practice

Now that you have been equipped with the knowledge and skills, it is time to prepare for your exams. This step should not be underestimated, the three exams to become a Certified Ganjier will be comprehensive and rigorous. 

Study the knowledge contained within the online courses until you have become deeply familiar with each topic. Read the supplemental materials recommended within the courses. Own the knowledge.

Practice utilizing the Systematic Assessment Protocol™. While the SAP has been designed so that anyone may enjoy its benefits, only the well-trained and highly practiced Ganjier will have the skills to leverage the tool to its fullest and most accurate potential. 

Practice the art of successfully applying the Customer Interaction Protocol™. Continued application of the principles learned in the CIP™, either through practical workplace use or through the role play exercises, will sharpen your ability and prepare you for the day of the exam.

Step 4:

Successfully Pass the In-Person Written, Service, and SAP Exams

It bears repeating, the three exams to become a Certified Ganjier will not be easy to pass. Not everyone will pass each of the three exams on their initial attempt. To become a Certified Ganjier will require you to demonstrate proficiency in the knowledge and skills that you’ve acquired. 

Written Exam: This 100 question, multiple choice exam, will include questions from the knowledge checks that were found in the online portion of the curriculum. A score of 80% or greater will be required to pass this exam. 

Service Exam: The Service exam will consist of a series of role play scenarios where the aspiring Ganjier will demonstrate their proficiency in the Customer Interaction Protocol, as well as their ability to “actively” listen. Your ability to provide accurate and reliable guidance in a manner suitably representative of the Ganjier standard of excellence will be required to pass this exam. 

Assessment Exam: The Assessment exam has been designed to confirm the aspiring Ganjier’s ability to accurately assess cannabis flowers and concentrates utilizing the Systematic Assessment Protocol™. The student will be assigned to assess a series of flower and concentrates samples representing a broad range of quality, aroma, and flavor classes. Your ability to accurately and reliably assess and grade every sample will be required to pass this exam.

Certification: Certified Ganjier (CG)

Once these 4 steps have been successfully completed, you will be awarded your Certified Ganjier status which grants you the title of ‘Ganjier’, the honor of wearing the Certified Ganjier pin, and the privilege of including the initials ‘CG’ after your name to indicate your professional trade certification status.


The Ganjier “Full Certification Pathway” 



Take One Step At A Time

These Options Will Be Available Beginning October 2021

Apply Now To Become A Certified Ganjier


Enrollment into the ‘Full Certification Pathway’ and ‘First Step’ is expected to reopen in October 2021.  Sign up here if you’re interested.

The Ganjier Full Certification Pathway costs $2,997, and includes the online training, in-person training, and 3-part exam. You can also purchase each step in the Ganjier Certification process separately, which is $699 for the “First Step”, and $2,697 to “Complete My Certification” ( 2-day in-person training, 3-part exam).

Due to the Live Training aspect of the curriculum, as well as the three in-person certification tests, travel to Humboldt County, California, will be necessary to complete your certification.

Starting in June 2021, each in-person training will be held monthly in Humboldt County California. Upon registration into the ‘Full Certification Pathway’ or ‘Complete Your Certification’, you will be able to select any available dates that best fit with your schedule.

Still have more questions? Email info@ganjier.com